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Did Donald Trump Lose Gay Voters In Iowa? Aaron Schock Offered 1 Mil To Do Gay Flick; Adele’s Music and Donald Trump Rallies; Your Daddy Issues

Did Donald Trump Lose Gay Voters In Iowa?

Recently, I posted information from a reputable source, with links, about Donald Trump on gay marriage. There’s so much about Trump in the media it’s hard not to post about him. And I try to be objective…most of the time. You can read them here, and there’s a link to the original article. 

While I don’t like to get political often, I think this entire topic is interesting in a more general sense. I also think the gay vote is often highly underestimated. In other words, many gay people are independent voters. Many are more liberal on social issues and more conservative on fiscal issues. They normally won’t say this aloud because they’re terrified of being bullied by aggressive left wing liberal gays. And that will happen. I’ve seen it. So they remain silent and vote the way they want. And, if you take into consideration that many gay people still even aren’t out of the closet, I think that makes the gay swing vote even more significant. No one even knows how they’ll vote.

With all that ambiguity lurking in the background, if I had been voting in Iowa yesterday I wouldn’t have voted for Donald Trump just based on his comments about gay marriage. The Pope lost me for what he said about gay marriage, so Trump doesn’t even get a second thought. It’s just total dismissal. Not voting for Trump. Simple. No gay person I know, regardless of whether they are Democrats, Republicans, or Independents, or whatever, would have voted for Trump yesterday in Iowa after what he said about gay marriage and the Supreme Court.

According to Snopes, Trump’s views on same sex marriage are mixed. To be fair, there have been many false claims on social media about his views and I wanted to make the information clear, so I went to Snopes to get the best info I could. This is part of what Trump said in a recent interview, verbatim, with regard to the SCOTUS ruling on same sex marriage:

They have ruled on it.  I wish that it was done by the state.  I don’t like the way they ruled.  I disagree with the Supreme Court from the standpoint they should have given the state — it should be a states’ rights issue.  And that’s the way it should have been ruled on, Chris, not the way they did it.

And frankly, that’s not good enough for me. With all due respect, we’re not all out there on Pride floats wearing speedos. Not that there is anything wrong with Pride floats or speedos, because every single Pride event ever produced helped with the fight for equality. But I often think that’s the impression the mainstream gets when they think of gay people and same sex marriage. They think in terms of stereotypes. When the fact is that it’s far from being like that. And they should know.

Same sex marriage is an equal rights issue, it’s a moral issue, its an emotional issue, it’s many things I could list in a longer post. And these are all important to gay people. However, it ‘s also a HUGE financial issue and I personally would never support any political candidate that’s going to screw around with my financial life that way. “Mixed” isn’t good enough. I don’t care if some religious baker in the middle of nowhere wants to bake a cake for me or not. I don’t even eat cake. But don’t screw with a basic right like marriage that everyone else gets. 

So did Trump lose gay votes in Iowa? Gay votes he didn’t see, or didn’t expect, or that he underestimated? I don’t know about that and I probably never will. But Trump would have lost mine just based on his “mixed” comments about same sex marriage alone. And, we (gay people) have straight friends and family, too, who vote the same way we do. Again, it’s simple. Trump said that; not voting for him.

Not all gay people agree on everything political, however, we all agree on gay marriage and we will come together on that one.   

Aaron Schock Offered 1 Mil To Do Gay Flick

For some reason I don’t fully understand, Aaron Schock is another one of those people the gay presses seem to constantly focus on. I know he was on record for being anti-gay, so that could be the reason. But the endless fascination is interesting.

Who’s in the mood for a hardcore Aaron Shock gay skin flick? Well, you may be in luck!

One of the world’s leading adult film production companies, TitanMen, has just offered the totally not gay, Katy-Perry-Ariana-Grande-Downton-Abbey-loving ex-congressman $1 million to star in not one, not two, but an entire series of gay pornos.

As far as I know, Schock is straight.

You can read the rest here. At least 27 people in the comments know a lot more about him than I know.

Adele’s Music and Donald Trump’s Rallies

Not to harp on Trump again, but this seems to be happening more lately, and with politicians who should know better than to assume anything. I think it’s disturbing because no one has the right to take anyone’s work or image, at any time, for any reason, without permission.

After fans expressed anger on Twitter that Donald Trump has been co-opting Adele’s hits as warm-up music for his rallies, the pop diva has told the presidential candidate in no uncertain terms that he does not, in fact, have permission to use any of her work.

I’m with Adele on this one. Don’t use her work unless you have her permission. It’s that simple. Just stop doing it.

 You can read the rest here.    

Your Daddy Issues

This is nice to see for a change because I don’t think it’s taking a simple concept and turning it into something far more complicated than it really should be. In other words, why can’t a younger gay man be attracted to an older man without having “daddy issues?”

The DaddyHunt app connects eager young pups with daddies on demand, and they’ve come up with a sexy new serial webseries to promote it.

Daddyhunt: The Serial was originally posted in 1:30-ish increments on the DaddyHunt Facebook page, and now they’ve combined the episodes into seven-and-a-half minutes of romance, a cute young pup, and a totally DILF-y neighbor who may or may not really be a handyman.

Last week on Twitter I mentioned how I thought Governor Martin O’Malley was a very attractive man. I didn’t think of him as a “daddy.” I just think he’s damn good looking. And then another gay guy I follow on Twitter agreed with me and he said he thinks O’Malley is good looking, too, but he made it clear he doesn’t have “daddy issues.” I just don’t get that. Why make it so complicated?

In any event, you can read the rest here.  

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