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Was Gay YouTube Star Beaten In WeHo; Man Scans Penis In Checkout; Penis Tattoos

Was Gay YouTube Star Beaten In WeHo?

This one is really odd, and I’m not going to speculate. Not at this point.

Earlier today, we reported the alleged hate crime assault on Calum McSwiggan, the gay YouTube star. 

However, sources at West Hollywood’s Sheriff’s Station are strongly suggesting McSwiggan’s claims are not at all true. 

WehoVille reports that Captain Holly Perez of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station said McSwiggan was examined in the parking lot of Pavilions grocery store on Santa Monica Boulevard, and saw absolutely no signs of injury at all. 

And there’s more here

I’m sure we’ll here more.

Man Scans Penis In Checkout

There’s not much in penis news, however, some guy in Seattle allegedly tried to scan his penis in a check out line at the grocery store and he was accused of indecent exposure.

Christian Fisher strolled into a Quality Food Center on Wednesday evening and ended up at the self check-out, according to the The Smoking Gun.

You can read more about this one, here

Penis Tattoos

I think a lot more people get these than we know about…or are willing to admit. I owned an art gallery once in New Hope not far from a tattoo studio, and I remember guys getting their penises tattooed there.

About 15 years ago LiGee decided his dick would look better with a cobra on it. “If I could suffer through a tattoo on my dick and anyone sees it,” he told me over the phone while driving to his home in New Jersey, “they will know that I had the stomach to do it. And that I have the balls to do it. Other people might want to do it, but they can’t take that pain.” 

You can check that out at this web site. It’s actually a fairly in-depth article that talks about why people would want to get a penis tattoo.


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Midday TV Male Full Frontal Nudity; HBO "Girls" Male Full Frontal Nudity; Game Of Thrones Full Frontal Nudity Ranking

Midday TV Male Full Frontal Nudity

Obviously, not much is happening with male full frontal nudity in TV or the movies. At least not in an artistic way.

However, this is fairly big, no pun intended.

A bit much over a sandwich? Channel Seven airs raunchy teen classic Fast Times at Ridgemont High as its lunch time movie… complete with full frontal nude scene.

You can check this out here.

HBO “Girls” Male Full Frontal Nudity

This one slipped my radar because I ended all premium channels a few months ago so I could stream. I don’t miss them at all. They aren’t worth the money, not even for this…

Although we’re used to seeing the women of HBO series GIRLS in various states of undress, we haven’t seen very much male nudity on the show.

But this week’s episode makes up for that, as we get a glimpse of Marnie’s handsome husband Desi (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) coming in and out of the shower. 

I actually liked the show “Girls” for many reasons, however, it’s still not worth being a captive audience to HBO anymore.

Here’s the entire article, with a few SFW photos.

Game of Thrones Full Frontal Nudity Ranking

I’ve never been a huge Game of Thrones fan. I’ve tried it and it’s just not my thing. I tend to think this is more oriented for straight people, especially straight men. From the description I read in this article, there’s a huge focus on female nudity.

However, in this article they’re more focused on male full frontal nudity…with commentary.  

Since OG Theon was such a prick, it makes sense that his prick is the first we see! (Get it?!) He lounges around naked post-coitus with HBIC Ros, whose casual dismissal of him and endorsement of Tyrion’s sexual skills are much more impressive than Theon’s (later lost) body parts. 

Here’s more.

Don’t take my word for it, you might just love Game of Thrones. This isn’t a review and it’s all subjective. And, there is male full frontal nudity.


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Guy Masturbating With Eggplant; Big Time Scruff Fails; Penis Size and the Ancient Greeks

Guy Masturbating With Eggplant

This article sort of speaks for itself. And I really don’t want to go into detail. I also don’t like eggplant very much.

It all began very innocently in the story of how a man was caught masturbating with an eggplant up his butt.
There was a bunch of travelers on a long road trip in Thailand, with everyone either deeply asleep or engrossed in a book or their phones.

You can read all about it, here, and there’s a video. It’s hard to believe anyone would do this in public.

Big Time Scruff Fails

Here are examples of what you don’t want to do on Scruff…Scruff is a hook up app.

Of course, once you’ve located a potential candidate, you want to make sure you say the right thing so as not to scare them off. One bad joke or off-color comment can totally kill the deal.

I think it’s interesting because remaining cautious in what you write anywhere online doesn’t only apply to hook up apps. I find myself constantly watching everything I write in DMs to people just so they don’t get the wrong impression. It’s tricky nowadays, and you can’t take anything for granted. There are a lot of people who take everything so literally. And so many people were born without a sense of humor.

Here’s the rest.

Penis Size and the Ancient Greeks

If you’ve ever wondered why Greek statues tend to have small penises, this might explain it.

 “Greeks associated small and non-erect penises with moderation, which was one of the key virtues that formed their view of ideal masculinity,” explains classics professor Andrew Lear, who has taught at Harvard, Columbia and NYU and runs tours focused on gay history. “There is the contrast between the small, non-erect penises of ideal men (heroes, gods, nude athletes etc) and the over-size, erect penises of Satyrs (mythic half-goat-men, who are drunkards and wildly lustful) and various non-ideal men. Decrepit, elderly men, for instance, often have large penises.”

There’s more here. There are comments. Now I know why I’ve always preferred the Satyrs.


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Colton Haynes Comes Out As Gay; Should Gay Bareback Porn Be Banned? The Ideal Penis Length

Colton Haynes Comes Out As Gay

Colton Haynes came out on May 5, and I think his comments and his reasons for not coming out sooner make perfect sense. In fact, I fully understand them. I think most gay men who have agonized over coming out would agree with me.

He tells EW the onslaught of media coverage took him by surprise and he offered no follow-up at that time although he remained active on Instagram – particularly during New York Fashion Week.
‘It was a complete shock. I wasn’t ready to be back in the headlines,’ he said of the Tumblr incident.
‘I should have made a comment or a statement, but I just wasn’t ready. I didn’t feel like I owed anyone anything. I think in due time, everyone has to make those decisions when they’re ready, and I wasn’t yet.’

He also talks about what it was like to be in the closet. 

You can check this out here. I’ve always been on the fence about Haynes, but I didn’t know the whole story. Right now, I don’t think I’ve ever liked this guy more. He’s right that everyone does have to come out on their own terms and in their own good time.

Should Gay Bareback Porn Be Banned

This is a discussion that’s been going on for a long time. It came up again and I thought it was newsworthy because of all the comments I saw on social media. According to a new study, gay men who watch bareback porn are more likely to engage in risky sex. For those of you who don’t know what bareback porn is, it’s porn without condoms.

Gay and bisexual men who watch bareback porn are more likely to have riskier sex, a new study has revealed.
In the report originally published in PLOS One, by Colombia University and Public Health Solutions, it shows pornography is a good tool to encourage men who have sex with men to use condoms.
The 265 gay and bisexual men surveyed, who were recruited using Facebook, had all watched porn in the past three months and reside within 50 miles of New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore or Washington DC.
Nearly all of the men, 92%, had watched bareback anal sex, and 48% had said this had contributed to them engaging in riskier sex. Viewing the material led to acting out what they saw for 70%, while 55% reported watching porn led them to seek out sex afterwards.

You can read the rest here.

Side note: most of the people…men and women…who I saw comment on social media did NOT think bareback porn should be banned. And there were close to 400 comments on one page alone.

The Ideal Penis Length

Here’s another article about what people consider the ideal penis length.

Men across the world have revealed what they consider to be the ideal penis ‘length’.
A new worldwide survey of 10 countries from the UK to the US asked people what they thought the average size of a penis was and what their ideal length would be.
They were not asked about girth.

Here’s the rest of the piece.

Frankly, I still don’t think size should matter, but I think a lot of people disagree with me. It’s an interesting survey because it’s done by individual country, and it’s a combination of men and women.


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The Best 8 Penises In Film; Funny Male Full Frontal Nude Scenes; Gay Parties In the 1950’s

The Best 8 Penises In Film

Here’s more about male full frontal nudity in movies. With all the political things going on lately, I thought a nice big diversion would be refreshing, so to speak.

This is from college humor…humor being the key word here.

Putting a penis in a film is a surefire way to make anyone laugh. These are our favorite shafts!

Here’s the link, and I think it’s SFW because they are all mainstream movies. 

Funny Male Full Frontal Nude Scenes

Here’s something that deals with male full frontal nudity in movies and it’s meant to be funny. This was the intention, so my grand book community friends who were born without a sense of humor might want to pass on this one.

 In case you hadn’t noticed, we are in the middle of a golden age of full-frontal penis scenes in American cinema. Over the last decade or two — and especially in the last five years — major actors have shown off their bits and pieces for the world to see and screengrab. Sometimes, it’s for the art. But sometimes, it’s to make us laugh.

You can check this out at Buzz Feed, here

Gay Parties In the 1950’s

Here’s an article that’s actually an anti-gay documentary from the 1950’s with some fundamentally wrong scenes that portray gay people in the most stereotypical way, and it misrepresents most gay men and women I know.  

Here’s one comment, and some really bad psychology about lesbians…

What are the deep-rooted emotions that remove them completely from the company of men, yet at the same time cause them to emulate the masculine appearance, to such pathetic results? Even though these emotions are covered up by a blasé attitude, one is still aware of their underlying sadness.”

Here’s something about gay men…

“But while literature and tradition condone the weakness of woman, man receives only the heavy weight of ridicule.”

You can watch it here. Wait until you see what they say about gay men in the movie, and watch those guys dancing around. It’s frightening to think that’s how gay men were all perceived back then, and it’s even more frightening that some still see us that way. It’s like they’re associating us with the most exaggerated stereotypes of women, and the fact is that most gay men are nothing like women at all. It’s a little sad to watch when you remember the implications form such generalized opinions.  

The Rainbow Detective Agency Rancho Mirage

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Rugby Player’s Penis Almost Severed; Hulk Hogan Penis Story; Alleged Penis Pictures and LPN In Brisbane

Rugby Player’s Penis Almost Severed

This is scary…what happened to this poor dude’s penis:

Haydn Peacock suffered the partial dismemberment while playing for French team AS Carcassonne last month.
Luckily, he’s now fine and able to joke about it.
Unsurprisingly, his description of the the incident is fairly graphic so we’ve replaced some of the ruder words with fruit and veg.
“When we played the other week their centre pretty much ripped my [cucumber] off”, he told journalist and former player Guy Williams, who runs the website French Footy.

There’s more here.

Hulk Hogan Penis Story

Here’s more to the story about the ex-Gawker editor, Hulk Hogan’s penis, and the 100 Million dollar lawsuit. It’s basically about what is and is not newsworthy, and why the ex-editor showed Hogan’s erection.

He had claimed in his deposition that it was to add “color” to his online commentary on the tape, then said under direct examination it was because he considered the footage newsworthy.
But under cross-exam, he changed his tune again, reverting to his original claim that it was “to add some color to my commentary.”
“Mr. Bollea’s penis had no news value, did it?” Vogt asked Daulerio, referring to Hogan by his real name, Terry Bollea.
“Uh, no,’’ Daulerio admitted.
He then added snarkily, “I included images of his penis because that is sometimes what happens when two people have sex. There are nude body parts involved.’’

The rest is here.

There’s a reference to the size of Hogan’s penis, and I never knew Hulk Hogan’s real name was Terry Bollea.

Alleged Penis Pictures and LPN In Brisbane

Here’s a story about why it’s probably smart to think twice before exchanging penis photos with a student.

AN LNP council candidate was forced to resign last night as it emerged he exchanged explicit images with a teenager just two months after they knew each other as minister and student at a Brisbane Catholic school.
The Courier-Mail can reveal that penis pictures sent by Team Quirk’s Tennyson candidate Ashley Higgins sparked a bitter dispute between the historic school and the family of the former student.
The teenager’s distressed father confronted the school over the exchange in mid-2011, after the boy graduated from the school in 2010.

 You can read the rest of this here. 

According to this link, it’s an interesting story because the LPN hopeful was only 21 years old at the time. My grandmother was 16 years old when she married my grandfather who was 21 years old. They remained happily married until my grandfather’s death…decades.

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