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Was Gay YouTube Star Beaten In WeHo; Man Scans Penis In Checkout; Penis Tattoos

Was Gay YouTube Star Beaten In WeHo?

This one is really odd, and I’m not going to speculate. Not at this point.

Earlier today, we reported the alleged hate crime assault on Calum McSwiggan, the gay YouTube star. 

However, sources at West Hollywood’s Sheriff’s Station are strongly suggesting McSwiggan’s claims are not at all true. 

WehoVille reports that Captain Holly Perez of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station said McSwiggan was examined in the parking lot of Pavilions grocery store on Santa Monica Boulevard, and saw absolutely no signs of injury at all. 

And there’s more here

I’m sure we’ll here more.

Man Scans Penis In Checkout

There’s not much in penis news, however, some guy in Seattle allegedly tried to scan his penis in a check out line at the grocery store and he was accused of indecent exposure.

Christian Fisher strolled into a Quality Food Center on Wednesday evening and ended up at the self check-out, according to the The Smoking Gun.

You can read more about this one, here

Penis Tattoos

I think a lot more people get these than we know about…or are willing to admit. I owned an art gallery once in New Hope not far from a tattoo studio, and I remember guys getting their penises tattooed there.

About 15 years ago LiGee decided his dick would look better with a cobra on it. “If I could suffer through a tattoo on my dick and anyone sees it,” he told me over the phone while driving to his home in New Jersey, “they will know that I had the stomach to do it. And that I have the balls to do it. Other people might want to do it, but they can’t take that pain.” 

You can check that out at this web site. It’s actually a fairly in-depth article that talks about why people would want to get a penis tattoo.


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