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Simon Cowell and Gay Acts; Gay Sex Causes Earthquakes; Why Men Send Dick Pics

Simon Cowell and Gay Acts

The main reason why I stopped watching American Idol here in the US long before the final season was because I kept getting annoyed at the constant “gay” jokes that went on between Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest…always initiated by Cowell. It’s not that I don’t have a sense of humor, but I just got tired of Cowell making those snide gay remarks…remarks he would never have made about any other minority. Maybe I was being too sensitive, however, this article I’m linking to now makes me wonder.

It’s an interview with Britain’s Got Talent’s, Danny Beard about his thoughts on Simon Cowell and gay performers/acts.

Simon buzzed Yanis Marshall, the gay dancer in heels, in the final two years ago. He’s buzzed other drag and cabaret performers before. Do you think he has a problem with gay acts?
I don’t think he has a problem, I just don’t think he gets it. It’s not his world. When I first came out and did Rocky Horror, a lot of the comments were about my voice. As it was a musical, he could get it. It fit somewhere in his mind. Because I didn’t do a musical, he just didn’t understand it. After the night was over, he came up to me as said, “I’m really sorry, I just really wanted you to do a musical”. Because it wasn’t a musical, he just didn’t get it. I don’t think he’s got a problem. With his power, and position, I don’t think he could have a problem like that in public.

Here’s the rest of the interview. But I actually think Beard nails it with the comment above. Most straight people just don’t get it. But if you don’t get it, you do, indeed, have a problem. Actually, it’s called homophobia.

Gay Sex Causes Earthquakes

Here’s one you have to read a few times to figure out.

A Muslim cleric has defended the rising attacks on LGBTI people as it ’causes earthquakes’.
Mallam Abass Mahmud, a prominent religious figure in Ghana, made the claim after reports of gay people being assaulted or even killed in the capital Accra and surrounding areas.
In an interview with News Ghana, he said: ‘Allah gets annoyed when males engage in sexual encounter and such disgusting encounter causes earthquake.
‘Should we allow such a shame to continue in our communities against our holy teachings?

You can check that out here

Why Men Send Dick Pics

This is enlightening, especially if you’ve ever done dating apps…or even Twitter for that matter. In short, it’s why men send dick pics.

‘In the gay world, a dick pic is the equivalent of small talk, especially on any sort of sex app,’ Tanner, a 32-year-old in marketing, said. ‘There’s usually a hello, a few back-and-forths before showing your dick is the expected next step. At this point, dick pics aren’t exciting anymore. I don’t even try to take good ones myself because it just doesn’t matter — they’re more of a sign you’re breathing than any real barometer of whether a dude will have sex with you.
For Ryan, a 27-year-old cook, dick pics are the ‘ultimate sign of confidence’.

You read this one here. I honestly don’t know how accurate this is.


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