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Berlin Gay Bathhouse Fire; "Secrets" Of A Gay Sauna; Millennial Sex Habits

Berlin Gay Bathhouse Fire

This is sad to read.

A fire at a gay sauna in Berlin, Germany has killed three people and injured one, emergency services said on Monday.

The blaze broke out late Sunday night at The Steam Works club, in the “narrow and winding” small private rooms, making the search by the fire department more difficult, Times Live reports.

Over 80 rescue workers were dispatched to the scene.

“It was a lot of work to break into each room and to check for victims,” a fire department spokesperson said.

You can check out the rest here, and there’s a photo.

“Secrets” Of A Gay Sauna

The only reason I’m linking to this is because I saw it while I was linking to the article above. I really, REALLY despise articles like this because they always sound as if they’re turning gay men into lab rats…in that heteronormative way they have when it comes to anything gay related.

 Secrets of the Gay Sauna is a “documentary” that goes inside the “gentlemen’s relaxation zone” of CS2, a popular sauna in Nottingham U.K. Viewers get behind-the-scenes peeks at the management, visitors, and the poor chap whose job it is to clean up.

You can check that out here. There are over 70 comments. One of them makes a clever reference to the closeted straight men who can be found there…

The only “SHOCKING” thing to be found is all the MARRIED men who go there

Millennial Sex Habits

I don’t know how accurate this study is, and it’s not going to change the world much, but it’s interesting.  

“[Millennials] are very career oriented,” Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist who helped develop the survey says, “so sex before the first date could be a sex interview, where they want to know if they want to spend time with this person.”

There’s more here. Evidently, according to this, 32% of the men in the study have admitted to sending dick pics.

New Release


Zayn Malik, Eating Disorder, and Anxiety; Gay Asian Guy Seeks Advice; Another Male Celeb’s NSFW Webcam Session Leaked

Zayn Malik, Eating Disorder, and Anxiety

While he was part of One Direction, Malik claims that he was dealing with a few personal issues. His autobiography was just released and he discusses all this in detail. It’s kind of bittersweet when you think about the fact that while he was entertaining us he was going through all this.

It got quite serious, although at the time I didn’t recognize it for what it was.”
“Food was something I could control, so I did.”
“I had lost so much weight I had become ill. The workload and the pace of life on the road put together with the pressures and strains of everything going on within the band had badly affected my eating habits.”

He goes on to mention his anxiety, which you can read more about here.

It sounds as if he’s worked things out. I hope so.

Gay Asian Guy Seeks Advice

I’ve been seeing a lot of this lately. And it bothers me a great deal. We all fall under the same umbrella of LGBTQ, and even if we’re not all the same, we have that in common.

He describes himself as “Asian,” “gay,” and “slightly effeminate.” And he wants to know why that’s so frowned upon.

Writing into Reddit, a man with the moniker silverkoss asks the community why he senses so much judgement and negativity simply on account of his personality and countenance.

Here’s the rest. It’s a very interesting read.

Another Male Celeb’s Webcam Session Leaked

It seems as though this sort of thing is happening at least once a week now. I never even heard of this guy.

We have a winner: Olympic gymnast and silver medalist Louis Smith is only the latest in an increasingly long line of male celebs to have their explicit footage appear online as if by sexy, arcane magic.

You can check that out here, where there is a NSFW link to the video. He was also suspended by British Gymnastics for a totally unrelated incident.

Chase of a Christmas Dream
Here’s one review from Amazon. It’s not one of the five star reviews, but I don’t think I’ve ever released a book that didn’t get varied reviews. It’s supposed to be that way.  

Top Customer Reviews

By irishlace on December 13, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I liked this one the most in the series. Some of the ones before made me mad at times, but this one I liked. I wouldn’t mind ready more about these characters after this one.

The Perfect Detachable Penis; The Giant Brussels Penis Mystery; Dumped Lover, Penis Photos, and Revenge Porn

The Perfect Detachable Penis

There’s not much trending these days in penis news, but there are a few things that are newsworthy…

Finding the perfect detachable penis is harder than you might think. No pun intended.

As a bigender person, I could really use a temporary, removable dick. I sometimes identify as a man and sometimes as a woman, sometimes neither, and sometimes both. A realistic strap-on would help me express my gender during the times when I feel more comfortable with a cock. But I don’t want just any run-of-the-mill genitals. I want a dildo that feels like me.

You can read the rest here. I think it’s interesting, and I don’t know much about it.

The Giant Brussels Penis Mystery

Evidently, someone’s trying to make a point. A giant penis appeared on the side of a building in the Saint-Gilles neighborhood of Brussels, and in front of a Catholic institute.

The author of the piece has not yet been identified. Some people immediately linked it to Bonom, one of the most famous graffiti artists from Brussels. Interviewed by the RTBF, the French artist has denied being behind this drawing. “It is not me of course and I do not want to be involved in this story! 

You can check this one out here. There are other pieces of this nature cropping up in Brussels, too.

Dumped Lover, Penis Photos, and Revenge Porn

A 59 year old woman in the UK met a married dude online, had a relationship with him, and when he broke it off after three months she decided to get even.

She did not take the news well received a police caution ten days after the break-up when he claimed she was ‘harassing’ him.

Prosectuors claimed Mansfield, of Purley, south London, sent a special delivery to his home addressed to his wife.

You can read the rest here. The jilted woman, however, was recently found not guilty in court.

 Unabated New – Adult Gay Fiction


Uncertainty – New Adult Gay Fiction



Gay Culture In the 2000s; Hot Male Photo Series and Exhibitionism; Model Luke Casey Full Frontal Male Nudity

Gay Culture In the 2000s

Here’s an article that reflects on all kinds of gay culture from the 2000s. It’s kind of hard to believe it’s already “retro.”

Before there was Grindr and Scruff there were online chatrooms. and AOL were probably the most popular ones. Guys would hang out late at night in their underpants chatting with complete strangers over dial-up internet, swapping pics, engaging in “cybersex,” and arranging hook ups. It was all very exciting at the time.

I never got into these chatrooms. But I know a lot of people who did. The article goes on to mention that just deleted all chatrooms this week. I think this is also a reflection on how the Internet in general is changing, not just gay culture.

And this one made me smile. They put up a photo of Will and Grace above it.

Just as the term “fag hag” has fallen out of fashion, so have fag hags, in general. Sure, there are still a handful of hangers on who relish in surrounding themselves exclusively with homosexual men, but for the most part, everyone just hangs out with everyone these days.

I’m not so sure about that. No comment.

In any event, you can check the rest out here. They’re…interesting.

Hot Male Photo Series and Exhibitionism

I really love these photos.

 “My personal work is just a document of my life,” photographer Tommy Ga-Ken Wan tells Queerty. “The men who appear in those photographs are people who have featured in my life: friends, lovers, people I met one time at a party. I’ve never been shy about documenting and sharing those aspects.”

You can check out a few here. I think they’re amazing.

Model Luke Casey and Full Frontal Male Nudity

It seems as if male full frontal nudity is becoming a thing lately…at least in photos. Men want to do it; people want to see it. Plain and simple. This time the focus is on model, Luke Casey.

Regardless, he’s also done quite a bit of modeling and isn’t the least bit shy about showing off what the good Lord gave him. Check out a few of his stunning Instagram pics below and click here to behold (alleged pics of) the young man in his breathtaking birthday suit.

You can read more here, and there’s a link to the alleged full frontal nude photos.  That link, however, is wrong and I couldn’t get anything to load. So here’s a real link that I found on my own.

Casey is a good looking guy and it’s not a lewd photo. It’s actually very artistic. I’m not sure if this is SFW so use discretion.

Valley of the Dudes

Exploring the gay open relationship in…


Dick Pic Lady and Shame on Facebook; The Alleged Calvin Harris Dick Pic A Lie?; Big Brother’s Big Gay Kiss

Dick Pic Lady and Shame On Facebook

This struck me as peculiar, only because the woman got so much public support. 

I’ve already posted about this, and this is a follow up…however, in short: a woman posted a restaurant review on Facebook, some guy sent her an unsolicited dick pic in a PM afterward, and she was so frustrated she sent him a barrage of censored dick pics in retaliation. I saw her photos and they were censored. She was hoping to teach him a lesson.

Then Facebook, in all its wisdom and glory, did this to the woman. Evidently, they don’t have enough time to spend on allegedly censoring political news.

After the post was shared thousands of times, she told the BBC, “I feel like Beyoncé. I’ve had messages from all over the world, including Germany, Netherlands and even Aruba. People have been saying ‘You’re my inspiration’ and ‘You’ve won the internet’. I’ve also had guys also saying sorry on behalf of men. I’m so shocked.”

However, Facebook chose to remove her post and deactivate her account, making this the most recent example of Facebook’s questionable content-removal decisions.

If anyone else has ever experienced this on Facebook, you know what this poor woman is up against.

You can read the rest here.  

The Alleged Calvin Harris Dick Pic A Lie?

While searching for articles about the woman above, I ran across this one. Keep in mind this is all alleged…and the article makes this clear, too.

According to Radar Online, a pic that’s being described as a “Calvin Harris dick pic” is making it’s way around the interwebz.

For those who don’t know, Harris was with Taylor Swift and they’re not a couple any longer.

You can read the rest here.

And this web site claims the entire story is false. 

Calvin Harris did not send a “dick pic” to a music executive, despite a new questionable report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this. We’re told the claim is a “total lie.”

Big Brother’s Big Gay Kiss

I know I’ve mentioned before over the years that I’m a huge Big Brother fan. I have been since the very first season. And it’s the only reality show I actually watch, and ever watched.

Now Big Brother UK is making news for a big gay kiss. Back when BB first aired, I never, ever thought I would see anything like this happen. It just wasn’t done back then. Hillary Clinton was still deciding whether or not to support gay marriage…hell, she hadn’t “evolved” yet.

The story so far: Ryan, caught in a stompy drama spiral, comes storming into the house after a fray with Sam Giffen, but that spite melts away instantaneously and gives way to cutesy passion as he spies Hughie and says, “I’ve missed you 20/10.” (Erm, what does that mean?) Then there’s some wanton embracing on a sofa, which gives way to passionate kissing and rumply microphone feedback.

There’s a video with a kiss…AND, legs go up, too. 

You can check that one out here.


The Arrangement 

Will Sasso’s Leaked Penis; Historians: Hitler Had One Testicle; Donating Your Penis To Science; Small Penis Insult Leads To Murder

Will Sasso’s Leaked Penis

I honestly don’t know what any of this is, nor do I know who Will Sasso is, but I thought it was interesting in a general sense…as it relates to selfie culture and social media. And there is a definite selfie culture happening right now. From what I’ve seen lately, the new trend in selfies is for really attractive people to take faux ugly selfies while they are making funny/silly ugly faces on purpose. It works once, maybe twice, they get a laugh and everyone tells them how hot they are. But after the third time it gets tired. Someone should tell them.

I guess I’m as guilty in the other direction for not taking enough selfies. But I do have photos out there, they are REAL photos of me, and I think that should be enough. I’m a writer. 

In any event, I digress.

On Hashtaggers, the MADtv actor “accidentally” leaks and then deletes a photo of his penis on Instagram, but he is disappointed to find out no one on the Internet cares about his package!

He decides to release another shot of his “little big man” and recruits the Hashtaggers to strategize how to get his “thing” trending.

There’s a video to watch here. 

Historians: Hitler Had One Testicle

And he allegedly had a tiny deformed penis.

Hitler suffered from a condition called hypospadias which left him with an abnormally small manhood, according to historians Jonathan Mayo and Emma Craigie. 

It seems like a reputable source.

“Hitler himself is believed to have had two forms of genital abnormality: an undescended testicle and a rare condition called penile hypospadias in which the urethra opens on the under side of the penis,” Mr Mayo and Ms Craigie wrote.

The rest is here.

Donating Your Penis To Science

This article is about medical science and penis transplants.

In December of 2015, Johns Hopkins University announced that they had selected a wounded soldier who had lost most of his penis in an explosion for the country’s first, and the world’s third, penis transplant. The surgery has been done twice before; once in China, where the man had a negative reaction to the unfamiliar penis on his body and wanted it removed, and in South Africa, where it was a complete success and the man even fathered a child with his new member.

Aside from all the possible complications, one issue seems to be that most men are not willing to donate their penises. I’m not even sure how this might work with gay men. As far as any organ donor programs go it’s not as simple as you would imagine if you’re a gay man.

Here’s the rest. 

Small Penis Insult Leads To Murder

According to this source, after an alleged fight involving drugs, one man told another he had a small penis, and ultimately wound up stabbing him to death.

Incensed at Szanto’s anger, Green took off his clothes to prove he hadn’t stolen the missing drugs — and Szanto told him he had a small penis.

That comment kicked off a brawl and, after some kicking and punching, Szanto ended up stabbing his drug buddy.

He later told police that Green had a knife, but other witnesses testified in court that the man was unarmed.

You can check this out here. 

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