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The Dick Pics You Don’t Mind; Why Men Send Dick Pics; High School Football Players and Abusive Hazing Ritual

The Dick Pics You Don’t Mind
Here’s a link to a short piece that’s more about images than words.
And, it’s G rated and totally SFW.
You can check them out here. I don’t think I know anyone who would mind getting one of these dick pics. And it’s amazing what they can do with dick nowadays. There’s even hot dick.
Why Men Send Dick Pics
This is SFW, too. At least I think it’s SFW. And it’s interesting. A group of men tell everyone why they send dick pics.
“Most of my recent relationships have been from online dating sites. Most initial interactions are by phone and text. If the conversation gets sexual, it feels natural at times to give the girl a visual of my arousal. I’ve never dick-bombed anyone. She always knows it’s coming, and half the time is the one requesting it.” — Anthony, 37, baker
High School Football Players and Abusive Hazing Ritual
It seems as if these hazing rituals just continue to get worse. You’d think by now this sort of thing wouldn’t happen anymore. 

High school football players forced teammates to suck each other off in an abusive hazing ritual, a lawsuit has alleged.

Members of Lake Zurich High School, in Chicago, are accused of routinely sexually assaulting and degrading the two alleged victims who have filed the lawsuit.

Attorney Antonio Romanucci, representing the two former members of the 2016 football team, said they were ‘brutally mocked, teased, humiliated, embarrassed and emotionally harmed, all in the name of team bonding.’

You can read the rest here. They even have a typical homophobic slur for the target of each individual week.

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