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Polishing A Penis; The Detachable Penis; Teased For Tiny Penis

Polishing A Penis In Seattle

There’s a new statue in Seattle of a nude male they call Adam, and it’s actually a very nice statue. It’s in front of a building owned by an influential guy in Seattle named Martin Selig. There’s one like it in New York. But there’s one problem. You can polish the penis in New York, but they won’t let you polish the penis in Seattle.

But here in Seattle, we’re supposed to take seriously, from a respectful distance, this Botero™ Adam whose most interesting feature is a flat-nosed, pestle-shaped, cone-ish penis that we can’t even polish?

You can read the rest here.  

There’s also telephone exchange with Martin Selig. To be honest, I think I’m with Selig on this one. Leave the penis alone. It’s art.

 The Detachable Penis

This article is about a magnificent statue that has been constantly vandalized. Someone keeps stealing the penis, so they came up with a plan to stop it.

From now on, Heracles will wear his own anatomy only during special park ceremonies. Afterwards, he will be once again dis-membered, says Phelippot.

“It’s not the perfect solution because obviously men would prefer that part of their anatomy to be permanent,” she told The Local, “but… we think a detachable penis is for the best.” 
I can’t help but wonder if these people have ever heard of floodlights and surveillance cameras.
Teased For Tiny Penis
This is on the peculiar side of the news. There’s an ISIS “fanboy” who posted naked online selfies and people went after him for his little dick.
A MAN accused of being an Islamic State ‘fanboy’ has been ridiculed online for his “tiny wiener” after the naked selfies he took in a bid to impress women have surfaced on social media.

Here’s the rest, with a photo that’s been censored.