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Designer Richard Nicoll Dies Suddenly; MPs Shout "Shame" Over Turing Bill; Stuffing James Franco’s Speedo

Designer Richard Nicoll Dies Suddenly

This was shocking.

Fashion designer Richard Nicoll has died in Sydney at the age of 39.

It is suspected that he suffered a heart attack.

Actor Charles Condou took to Twitter to say he was ‘devastated to hear’ and wrote: ‘He was my first real love; a beautiful man both inside and out. I’ll miss him terribly.’

You can read more here. I always liked his work, and I think he was highly underestimated.

MPs Shout “Shame” Over Turing Bill

I just posted about this bill yesterday, here.

Tens of thousands of gay and bisexual men who were convicted of now-abolished sexual offenses in Britain will be posthumously pardoned, the government announced Thursday.

Unfortunately, this just happened:

A private member’s bill before the UK Parliament has been filibustered by the Government’s Justice Minister, Sam Gyimah – just a day after he proposed a Government-approved alternative.

The legislation, which sought to pardon gay men prosecuted for gross indecency before homosexual activity was decriminalized, was named Turing’s Bill after persecuted math’s genius Alan Turing. It was proposed SNP MP John Nicolson.

Raised for discussion in the House of Commons this afternoon, it could not be voted upon as Gyimah talked for so long.

There’s more here. There’s also of photo Gyimah. It really is a shame.

Stuffing James Franco’s Speedo

Please keep in mind I didn’t write this one. I’m only linking to it…and only because Franco has become a fascination of sorts. He doesn’t have to do these things, and yet he does them anyway. 

 James Franco spilled some on-set secrets about his King Cobra co-star Keegan Allen.

‘I’m going to bust him a little bit – Keegan stuffed his speedo,’ Franco said Friday (21 October) during an appearance on NBC’s The Today Show.

In the film, Franco and Allen play lovers who are cash-strapped gay porn producers.

Here’s the rest. I’m starting to get curious about King Cobra. And not because of clickbait like this article. In spite of clickbait pieces like this, I watched Franco’s movie Goatmy review is here…and wound up liking it a lot more than I thought I would. 


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