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Derek Jeter and Rim Jobs; Clay Aiken on Naked Selfies; Philly Gay Bashing

Derek Jeter and Rim Jobs

This isn’t earth shattering, but ass is ass and people seem interested in ass. Pro baseball player, Derek Jeter, *allegedly** enjoys getting a good rim job every now and then. So much he gives orders during the process, so to speak.

Straight men everywhere are finally opening up to the wonders of anal pleasure and discovering the many uses for their buttholes —  booty eating” is now a thing among them, which means we should expect to hear more stories about celebrity men on the forefront of this fascinating renaissance. Right? Right.

Frankly, I’m not sure why the author of this article seems so shocked that straight people like rim jobs…and know about them. I remember reading a biography of a former President of the United States who tended to fool around a lot during a time when those things were almost always overlooked and silenced. He allegedly fooled around with a famous Hollywood actress, and as the story went, the actress rimmed him. This dates back decades. I won’t mention names even though it was in the book, but just so you don’t get totally freaked out with a visual it was not Richard Nixon.

My point is that rimming is NOT exclusive to the gay community. In fact, it’s NOT something I’m all that fond of personally. I won’t even eat cheese that smells like ass. I also know plenty more gay men who will agree with me. If you don’t believe me, go ask James Franco.

You can read more here. This info is questionable, and from a tweet that’s definitely a perfect example of hearsay.

Clay Aiken on Naked Selfies

When the nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities were leaked I posted about them here, with a short commentary about Perez Hilton.

I said this about the photos:

Frankly, I find it interesting that Jennifer Lawrence has dirty pictures of herself on her phone. You can search my phone and you won’t see on nude photos of me or anyone else. And it’s not because I’m a prude. I just know what I’m doing. If you don’t want nude photos of yourself floating around in a cloud have the good sense of a goose and don’t take them.

And now it seems as if Clay Aiken agrees with me. Interesting. Two gay guys are now shunning nude photos on phones and according the Christians we’re the bad guys, and we’re the sinners. Just interesting.

Aiken said this:

Clay Aiken, the former American Idol runner-up now running for Congress in North Carolina, says celebrities victimized by the recent nude photo hacking scandal and “anybody who takes inappropriate pictures of themselves deserve exactly what they get.”

You can read more here. The article gets a little catty, but I think the point still remains the same. Don’t want nude pics leaked from your phone. Don’t take nude pics of your ass and leave them on your phone. Plain and simple, male or female.

Philly Gay Bashing

There’s another witness now who is speaking up about the horrendous gay bashing that happened last week in one of Philadelphia’s nicest neighborhoods. This particular witness happened to be looking out of his third floor window and he watched the event unfold, first hand.

Here’s some of what he saw:

Do you have a sense of what set this off?

 It seemed to me that the two larger guys were fed up with what the other guys were saying, and one of the victims was pushing one of the women away, but just a little bit. And I could also hear some slurs like “fucking faggot” and I also heard someone say “I am sick of this fucking faggot.” If you saw the victims, they were small, not as large as the two guys. And then, it happened so quickly, one of the victims is lying unconscious, bleeding from the head. There wound up being a one- to two-foot puddle of blood where he was hit and knocked unconscious. He wasn’t moving. There was a blood stain on the ground until it rained two days later.

I’d like to know what constitutes anyone using that kind of violence on another human being for something so minor? So far, there has yet to be an arrest in this case. Some I wondering if there ever will be an arrest.

More here.

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