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Rainbow Detective Agency: The Guy With Two Penises; More About Cultural Appropriation; What Is "Genderqueer?" Tallywackers Male Hooters

Rainbow Detective Agency: The Guy With Two Penises

It’s release day for another book in The Rainbow Detective Agency series. This one is subtitled, The Guy With Two Penises. And that’s because one of the characters in the book has diphallia, which is a rare syndrome where a man is literally born with two penises. There’s information on the web about this with a simple search. I didn’t want to get too technical. In the same respect, I didn’t want to be glib about it either…or appropriate. So I tried to treat it with sensitivity and respect as well as offering some light hearted dialogue…and sex scenes…as an outsider looking in. In this case, I am the outsider.

Here’s the blurb:

In this third book in The Rainbow Detective series, Proctor and Blair take on a case that involves blackmail, kidnapping, and a handsome young guy with two perfect penises. The guy with two penises is a public personality, and the wealthy client who hires Blair and Proctor is willing to pay a huge sum of money to keep the guy’s two penises a secret.

As fascinated as Blair and Proctor are with the guy who has two penises, there are dangerous, unexpected twists in this case that put them in grave danger. And the fact that they are in love with each other doesn’t make working together any easier. It’s the kind of peculiar double penis case that will not only test their love, but also test whether or not they can continue working together.

Will Blair be able to grow up and meet Proctor’s professional expectations? And will Proctor ever be able to get the guy with two perfect penises out of his head?




The book will also be at iTunes and B&N. When I get an Amazon link, I’ll post that, too. And, this is the 3rd book in the series, but each book can be read as a stand alone.

More About Cultural Appropriation

I actually came across this link at one of the most unlikely places. As it turns out, I’m glad I went there because it’s one of the most engaging posts on cultural appropriation I have seen…probably ever. In this case, the culture being appropriated is deaf culture.

I make no claims to know anything about this particular subject, however, I do know what it’s like as a gay man to face cultural appropriation on what is usually a daily basis.

Here is one particularly interesting quote.

It has become a commodity of which any con artist can appropriate a few signs for themselves to create a persona.  They film themselves, stand on stage, teach classes, and strut with pride.  They know ASL! They have a right to use ASL!

            No. You do not. It is not yours to use for your financial benefit. You are a thief. You are stealing our language, mangling it, and regurgitating a weaker, inaccurate version. You smile in your YouTube videos, on your spot on the stage, in your classes, smiling, basking in the spotlight. You do not care about our language. You do not take the time to learn about what ASL really is. You do not care about Deaf people. You only care about the accolades that you receive.

You can read the rest here. I hope the link works. However, as I stated above my post is about appropriating all cultures, not just one. 

Thankfully, there are people presenting this argument in other places so we have these examples from which to draw.

What Is Genderqueer?
I’ve posted about this topic before, too. Genderqueer, I find, is not a term people know well…even the people who are genderqueer in some cases.

Gender identity. Biological sex. Gender expression. Cisgender. Transgender. Genderqueer. Androgyny. The gender binary. If you’ve ever wondered about the definition of some of these terms, Ashley Mardell’s video about the ABC’s of LGBT is a great starting point. She acts as a moderator as several of her friends break down different terms related to gender in this wonderfully in-depth video. This video serves as a great tool for cisgender allies who are looking to strengthen their knowledge of the LGBT community they’re hoping to stand besides, and those who have questions about their gender identity. The team manages to pack in a lot of information in a cohesive, easy to understand manner, especially about a topic that we aren’t granted the opportunity to learn too much about in mainstream spaces and education. Can you imagine if we were taught these terms in school?
It’s a really good video that explains something most of us aren’t familiar with.
Tallywackers Male Hooters
I almost feel guilty posting this because the other two news items were so serious and educational. But we all need a little fun, too. This is being compared as the male version of Hooters.
Finally, the restaurant we’ve been waiting for.
 Tallywackers is a new dining establishment coming to Dallas. Per a help wanted ad posted to Craigslist, it appears to be a bar and restaurant specializing in hot dogs and other phallic-shaped foods served up by a staff of half-naked hunks.

You can read more here.

What I find most interesting is that the women who have been screaming about objectification, and rightly so, all these years are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to objectifying men. I make no comment on that because I think we all need to lighten up a little, including me sometimes. I just find it interesting there seems to be a reverse double standard nowadays.