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UK Votes In Favor of Bill Legalizing Gay Marriage; Speach by David Lammy

Lawmakers in the UK voted in favor of a bill that would mean legalizing same sex marriage. Thanks to the Internet, I heard about it through a reader.

From my inbox:

It was nice to arrive home and find that the vote ended up in favour, I think by about 2/3 🙂 I hope the US gets its arse in gear on the subject soon!
A majority of UK lawmakers have voted in favor of legalizing gay marriage.
Prime Minister David Cameron and other senior British officials threw their support behind the bill Tuesday ahead of a key Parliament vote on the divisive topic.
The bill would enable same-sex couples to get married in both civil and religious ceremonies, provided that the religious institution consents.
And there was a fascinating speech given today by David Lammy, you can read here. Below is just a small part of it…thanks to this blog reader who let me know about it.  
Before I begin, let me say that as a minister, I had the privilege of taking through the Gender Recognition Act through this House.

I want to say to the Minister that taking through a Bill that can affect so many people’s lives in such a positive way – that makes an indelible mark on our living, breathing constitution in the process – is an enormous privilege that will live with her for a long while to come.

Mr. Speaker, it is impossible not to feel a sense of history today.

It was the Houses of Parliament that commissioned, deliberated and published the Wolfenden Report over half a century ago.

It was in this Chamber that Leo Abse fought tooth and nail for its recommendations to be implemented and homosexuality to be decriminalised.