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King Cobra Gay Murder Saga; 22 Yr Old Gay Mormon’s Alleged Suicide; David Gest’s Death

King Cobra Gay Murder Saga

King Cobra is another James Franco almost gay project…Franco has never said he was openly gay, but he’s always doing gay projects…about the murder of gay pornographer, Bryan Kocis. I’m not getting into anything about the murder here. I’m only posting about the movie.  You can read more about this here on wiki.

This article I’m linking to right now talks about the film, King Cobra, and mentions that straight male actor, Christian Slater, is also involved. 

Fans of the adult film industry and/or sensationalized crime are no doubt anticipating James Franco‘s latest foray into the depths of gay subculture, King Cobra, the retelling of the 2007 murder of gay porn studio Cobra Video owner Bryan Kocis by two escorts, Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes.

You can check this out here, where there’s a clip. I can almost guarantee I’ll be passing on this one. In fact, the first comment on this article is interesting. Why? Because this person won’t pay to see a 30 year old  play a teen, but doesn’t care if a straight plays a gay.

22 Yr Old Gay Mormon’s Alleged Suicide

This is just the saddest thing. 22 year old Lincoln Parkin was an LGBT activist and passionate about several other causes. He was a gay Mormon and his parents were supporting him with his decisions.

As medical examiners investigate the case, the consensus is that Parkin’s death was self-inflicted.
Brent Parkin, Lincoln’s father, says: “I think he got out of balance physically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially. 

He got pretty extreme with his diet, he got to the point where he felt like God wasn’t there for him, and he isolated himself.”

There’s more here, with other quotes.

David Gest’s Death

I realize today’s posting is kind of dark in all respects, but I thought this was worth mentioning, too. David Gest had a lot to do with pop culture in general.

Producer and reality star David Gest (formerly Mr. Liza Minnelli) was found dead in his Four Seasons hotel room in Canary Wharf, London earlier today. He was 62 years old.

“Police were called at 10:17 hrs on Tuesday 12 April to the Four Seasons hotel, in Westferry Circus, E14, to reports of an unexplained death of a man in his 60s. London Ambulance Service were called to the scene. Life was pronounced extinct at the hotel,” a statement from the Metropolitan Police reads.

You can read more here. Evidently, he tweeted something in January that some people are interpreting as prescience.

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