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David Arquette Trans Sister; Truman Capote, Bogart, Oral Sex; Gay-For-Pay Porn Star Family Meeting

David Arquette Trans Sister

According to this article, Alexis Arquette, transgender actress, announced she had sex once with Jared Leto. But more than that, her brother, well-known actor, David Arquette, made a few claims about his sister on a talk show. Evidently, David A. did a documentary on all this titled, Alexis Arquette: She’s My Brother. I have to admit that I had no idea about the documentary or Arquette’s transition.

This is what David A. said about adjusting to his sibling’s transition:

‘We sort of knew so it was pretty easy,’ he said.

Then he added: ‘It’s pretty funny, I hate to say it but there’s like this … there’s an aspect of my sister that when she’s sort of part boy, part girl. It’s kind of what I grew up with. There’s something that’s more authentic to me than when she’s a girl.

‘When she’s a girl she becomes cattier, it’s a little attitude. … I like her as sort of the medium girl. But I love her (so) that’s sort of silly to say.’

The rest is here. People who read this blog know I rarely carry on this way in posts. I’m ambivalent about the hot cop of Castro, and I’ll post about the nude male calendars with a yawn. The truth is I’m not always as impressed as other people when it comes to men. But I have always thought David Arquette was one of the most attractive, hottest, sexiest men ever to step out of Hollywood. I know this is all about Alexis, but there’s just something about that man that makes me want to turn the air conditioner down a few degrees. And now I have a whole new respect for him.

Photo attribution here.

Truman Capote, Bogart, Oral Sex

Truman Capote, like most of his kind, was well known for embellishing even the slightest story about the most mundane incidents. I’ve posted about him on the blog many times, because he was famous for writing several books, one of which was Breakfast at Tiffany’s…a story I parodied with the first book in The Virgin Billionaire series. That parody was my own interpretation of a Cinderella trope…with all gay men and plenty of gay sex. I didn’t do it by accident and it wasn’t fanfic. I figured if a gay man like Capote could write straight characters and get away with it, I could parody them freely. I also focused a great deal on the romance, too. I didn’t leave that out. And even though the parody follows the trope, I made many, many changes. But another reason why I wanted to parody that story was because Capote was also well known as the homosexual clown and court jester of his day in many circles. In the original film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, they even portray an Asian character with huge racism…in that clown and jester way. I didn’t do THAT in the parody either. In many ways, Capote made it more difficult for gay men of his time to come out of the closet. He was flamboyant and amusing, and also clever enough to know how to get what he wanted by manipulating just the right people in the right social circles using his exaggerated mannerisms. His storied black and white ball is still infamous, and there are plenty of books out there to read more about him. Frankly, I never found him amusing or worthy of being a role model…unless you’re heading to the circus.

In any event, I digress. This next article I’m linking to talks about how the late Lauren Bacall reacted to a rumor Capote spread about giving her late husband, Humphrey Bogart, oral sex. When a question regarding this oral sex incident was posed to her during an interview, she was about as impressed with the topic as I have always been with anything related to the Truman Capote saga. Not.

This is what Bacall had to say:

‘Oh, please. You must be joking. I never heard that.

Why you bring up a thing like that? What kind of a mind do you have? Step out of the gutter. … Maybe it was a pipe dream of Truman’s – who knows?

 ‘But it’s a totally ridiculous suggestion that it really is a fact, and I hope that’s beneath you, because I really don’t like the fact that you brought something like that up.’

Frankly, I’m with Bacall on this one. I don’t think Capote ever told a full truth in his entire life. And we’ll never really know for certain.

 There’s more here.

Gay-For-Pay Porn Star Family Meeting

The gay porn site, Broke Straight Boys, seems to be trying to gain attention with more than just adult content. They’ve produced a documentary of sorts that follows a gay porn star home where he gathers together with his family and they discuss his life, his sexuality, and what he does for a living.

“I really don’t care about defining my own sexuality. At this point now, I don’t like labels, I can’t stand labels,” he says once his family moves to the topic of assigning him a sexuality. His father believes he may be “homosexual,” to his brothers, he is “gay.” His brothers say they’ve “always felt” Paul was gay, and that “it’s awkward how he tries to hide that.”

Interesting. He constantly talks about how much he hates labels. I can’t help but find this all slightly disingenuous. For one thing, he’s working for a gay porn web site that’s called Broke STRAIGHT Guys. Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose if he called himself gay? The people who watch this type of content want the straight guy fantasy. Instead, he claims that if he did believe in labels, which he doesn’t, he would probably be bisexual. I don’t doubt that there are many bisexual people all over the world, and he very well could be. But this entire “reality” show just doesn’t sound all that real to me. And frankly, I’m tired of hearing people talk about how they don’t believe in labels as if being open about being gay implies there something wrong with being gay. The fact is we’re all labeled something at one point or another in life. There should be nothing wrong with being labeled gay.

On the positive side, it’s an interesting interview because the family is supportive and he makes some very logical points about why he decided to do porn. But, he’s young, he rambles about nothing at some points when it comes to labels, and I don’t think he has the slightest clue how hard it’s been for all the gay men and women who came before him.

In any event, you can read more here. There’s also a video clip.

The Sheriff and the Outlaw
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