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Charlie Sheen and HIV; Steve Brookstein’s REALLY Bad HIV Joke; Davey Wavey’s Underwear Campaign

Charlie Sheen and HIV

As I write this post it hasn’t been fully disclosed yet, but most reputable media outlets are predicting that actor, Charlie Sheen, will make the announcement that he’s HIV positive on Tuesday morning.

“Charlie Sheen will reveal to the world that he’s HIV positive. Sources connected to NBC’s ‘Today’ tell TMZ … Sheen will sit down with Matt Lauer on Tuesday morning to make the announcement,” TMZ reports.
The morning show appearance does seem to be timed to beat a National Enquirer report accusing Sheen of contracting the virus before spreading it to dozens of women in a “multi-million dollar cover-up.”

There’s been a great deal of speculation, however, the most disturbing thing I’ve seen so far since they started to report this story is the vicious HIV shaming…much of it by people who should know better. There are twitter hashtags you don’t want to know about. And so far the most prized comments of all seem to suggest that Sheen deserves to get HIV. They really are that bad and many of these comments are coming from people who are in the LGBT community.

Some people…gay and straight…have been sarcastic, as if they’re not surprised and Sheen had this coming, which is just another form of HIV shaming.

Here’s the rest of the Gawker article. I’m hoping this starts a new discussion about HIV and a lot of the ill-informed learn finally, once and for fucking all, HIV is not a punishment.

Steve Brookstein’s Bad HIV Joke

When it comes to being funny there are certain things that have to be taken into consideration for a joke…or a funny tweet…to work. It’s timing, the way it’s worded, and even the length can make a difference. It’s not always easy to do. Who knows what Brookstein was thinking when he posted this bomb.

You can check out the rest. There were replies to his tweet you’ll want to read.

Cavey Wavey’s Underwear Campaign

First, I didn’t think underwear warranted a campaign of any kind. But Davey Wavey was clever enough to mix this batch up, and it looks like some people are drinking his Kool Aide.

Though it seems a counter-intuitive fit (no pun intended), YouTuber Davey Wavey — known for frequently showing off his shirtless chiseled exterior — has come out with an underwear line targeting queers of every shape and size.

Where the typical gay underwear brand favors lean six-packs and unrealistic sexual fantasy to entice shoppers, Davey’s promo video for his DirtyFit Cosmic Collection features gender nonconforming types who prove that there’s no law you have to look a certain way to feel sexy.

So I guess this means that in order for this campaign not to be disingenuous, Davey Wavey will start eating pizza and doughnuts to market his own line of underwear? Or maybe not. It seems as if they’re celebrating all body types, not just what we’ve been led to believe is the perfect body type. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that on the surface…until you consider how much work Davey Wavey puts into getting the “perfect” body type for himself. But it is clever and it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s a huge success. P.T. Barnum was right. 

Here’s the rest of this one. The comments that were posted after this post was written are a little more descriptive than usual. 

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