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Straight Guys Looking At Dick Pics; Tom of Finland Emoji; Millennials Sexting and Sharing Pics

Straight Buys Looking At Dick Pics

Here’s an article on a topic that doesn’t seem to want to go away: dick pics.

Most gay men, by definition, enjoy seeing (and doing other things with) other men’s junk. Straight men, on the other hand, do not typically enjoy seeing (and doing other things) with other men’s junk.

Inspired by this distinct difference, YouTube fave Davey Wavey wondered what would happen if he found a group of straight men to offer their thoughts about a series of photos featuring other men’s genitalia.

What does “most gay men, by definition,” mean anyway? I don’t get that. I think I can be defined as a gay man and I’m not all that fond of getting bad unsolicited dick pics. And most of them ARE bad, and worthy of a laugh or two. I think most of my gay friends (by definition) would agree with me.  For the record, I wouldn’t have even commented if it had said, “some gay men.”

In any event, you can read the rest here. The part about the straight guys is funny.

Tom of Finland Emoji

I’ve posted a few things already about Tom of Finland, with respect to gay culture. At the time, I never thought I’d see anything like this. In case you don’t know anything about Tom of Finland, here’s a link to all of my posts. 

Two months ago, DJ Hell released a video for his track “I Want U” featuring Tom of Finland artwork. (Don’t check it out at work unless your boss is down with public sex and light bondage.)

And now, celebrating the fact that same-sex marriage will be legalized on March 1st, the country is published their own set of national emojis — which includes the one above. (Finland is clearly not America.)

Here’s the rest. 

Millennials Sexting and Sharing Pics

This article about millennials sexting doesn’t surprise or worry me all that much. However, I’m not a huge fan of sharing pics without permission. Whether the pic is or isn’t SFW, I don’t think anyone has the right to share someone’s image without permission, including those taken in public places like parks and stores. I know one dude who hikes up some canyon every morning with his dog and everyone around him (total strangers) winds up on facebook later that day. Just wrong.

In any event, here’s the article I’m linking to now.

Here’s what researchers learned about millennials and technology:

  • 48% of respondents say they sext at least once a week.
  • 42% of guys say they send naked pictures at least once a week, and 50% say they receive naked pictures at least once a week.
  • 30% of respondents say they have shared another person’s naked pictures without that person’s knowledge or consent.

You can check that out here.

Cage James
by Ryan Field

Customer Review:  “Well written and clever!”

Have Lots and Lots and Lots of Sex; Mr. Clean Is One Hot Daddy; Chris Salvatore Cares For Elderly Neighbor

Have Lots and Lots and Lots of Gay Sex

I thought this was wonderful. Of course you have to “get” the context first, which many in the comments didn’t seem to grasp. However, I think the general point behind it is brilliant and empowering.

Davey Wavey interviewed LGBT Historian, Tim McCarthy, and McCarthy made some spot on comments…along with an abridged lesson in LGBT history.

Have sex. Have lots and lots and lots of sex. Sex has always been a revolutionary act, especially queer sex. It both honors the protest that’s required to stand up to the world around us, but it also honors and validates who we are. So, number one, if that’s all you can do, you’re still doing a great thing, okay?

But there’s so much more. I promise that’s not all this interview is about. You have to actually watch it to see what I mean. McCarthy talks about strength, caring, all the things that are positive about people who fall under the umbrella of LGBT.

You can watch some of the video here.

And, you can also read books about gay sex, love, and romance.

Mr. Clean Is One Hot Daddy

It’s Friday. Sometimes you need to just focus on the lighter side of life. Or, sometimes you just need to get away from creeps like that Milo Yiannapapadolapolis.

It’s a long-established fact that Mr. Clean is a stone cold fox. You know, as far as animated fictional brand mascots go.

But despite his reputation for bringing all the boys to the yard, we were simply not prepared for the newest commercial from the company, set to air during the Super Bowl.

You can check out the video here.

It’s actually funnier than it is sexy, at least I didn’t find anything sexy about it. But you might feel differently.

Chris Salvatore Cares For Elderly Neighbor

Chris Salvatore is a rare breed. He’s an openly gay actor in Hollywood, and, he’s got a huge heart.

As grotesque as the general landscape is out there, it’s important to remember that not everyone is a craven opportunist hoping to misdirect people from their blackened hearts.

Case in point: Openly gay actor Chris Salvatore, who, apropos of nothing, has taken in his 89-year-old neighbor Norma Cook (and her cat Hermes.)

There’s a lot more here, with photos and gifs.

We were caregivers for both my mother and father and I always tell people it’s one of the most rewarding things anyone can do in life. And when it’s over, you’ll miss that care-giving more than you ever imagined.

 Stepbrothers In the Attic

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Davey Wavey Interivew With Brent Corrigan; Peter Scolari Wins Emmy For Playing Gay Dad; JK Rowling’s Revelation and HIV Metaphor

Davey Wavey Interview With Brent Corrigan

Sometimes I like to post on topics that I know absolutely nothing about. For me it’s a practice in objectivity, which I think is important to any writer. In fact, I wish we saw more objectivity these days everywhere.

So here’s an article about an interview Davey Wavey did with Brent Corrigan. It’s interesting and I really don’t follow either one of them often.

Does this turn you on? Unavoidable YouTube personality Davey Wavey just interviewed adult film star Brent Corrigan for his Business of Sex web series, eking out stories about his early beginnings in the adult film industry, why he wants to steer clear of promoting King Cobra, and his lifelong obsession with horses.

You can check it out here. There’s a video.

As always with pieces like this that are just meant for fun and not meant to change the world, you’ll find the comments from readers a little surprising. At least I did. 

Peter Scolari Wins Emmy For Playing Gay Dad

I know nothing about this. I used to watch the TV show Girls all the time. I think I even posted about it here at one point. But even though I liked it, I stopped watching because of Lena Dunham. I’m not going to elaborate on that, but I lost track of the show and characters and this is news to me as well.

Peter Scolari won his first Emmy Award on Saturday (10 September) for his portrayal of Lena Dunham’s gay dad on the HBO series Girls.

The win took many by surprise since the actor was not initially a nominee in a field that also included Larry David (Saturday Night Live), Tracy Morgan (Saturday Night Live), Martin Mull (Veep), Bradley Whitford (Transparent) and Bob Newhart (The Big Bang Theory).

You can read the rest here.

JK Rowling’s Revelation and HIV Metaphor

The only book I’ve really read by JK Rowling was A Causal Vacancy, which I reviewed here on the blog. I loved that book, it was a long book, and I hated to see it end. However, I’m not familiar with the Harry Potter series at length, it’s not my preferred genre, and I know nothing about this alleged controversy with Rowling. I wasn’t even sure how to title this part of the post.

JK Rowling has debunked the ‘revelation’ fan fave character Remus Lupin’s werewolf condition is a metaphor for HIV.

In one of her new ebooks, the author is quoted as talking about his lycanthropy as a metaphor for an illness that carries some negative public opinion. 

Here’s the link to read more. I can’t parse this one no matter how hard I try. But someone in the comments tried to make it clearer.



Warning Label: Rape; Davey Wavey: The Worst Part of Gay; NYT Paid Content

Warning Label: Rape

In the 1950’s television shows were subjected to some of the worst kinds of censorship in the history of the arts. Censors forced producers like Desi Arnaz to use twin beds at all times on I Love Lucy because the thought of two married people sleeping (not actually having sex) in the same bed was found to be offensive and harmful to some people. Today television shows like American Horror are still being censored, and obviously the kinds of censorship Arnaz had to deal with in the 1950’s has changed drastically. But American Horror (and other shows like it) is still forced to put up warnings before each show if there’s anything considered questionable or harmful content.

There’s a blog post, written by an author I don’t know, about warning labels on books that’s created more than a few in-depth discussions in the past week. The post begins with a comment about how there’s an interesting trend now, especially with small niche presses.

 No, this disturbing trend is far more insidious. It’s the infantilization of the reader.

The riff goes something like this: “Oooh, that content is objectionable! It might upset someone! We better warn people away! Quick, tag it! Oh, how dare that author not include warnings! What a terrible, insensitive person! I bet they wrote it because .”

You can read more here.

As I stated, this post has created interesting discussions, to the point where one person left a comment on a thread at another blog posting on the same topic that went like this, in part:

She said she wished she could stop reading it but she couldn’t because she had to see if the rape victim (heroine) was going to survive but it was a horrible experience for her.

I felt terrible for that reader and frankly if a warning prevents someone like her from going through that experience I’m all for it. There is far more harm that can be done without warnings than with warnings.

I hate to see anyone harmed, but I’m not so sure more harm can be done without warnings. Should we start adding warning labels to classics? In Toni Morrison’s, The Bluest Eye, one of the most important pieces of literature of the twentieth century, there’s rape and incest portrayed as it applies to both the story and the culture of the main characters. As far as I know, I’ve never seen The Bluest Eye come with a warning label. The Bluest Eye, however, has always created a certain amount of controversy, especially in schools, and many want it banned in spite of its literary qualities because they claim it is harmful.

There’s always going to be something that offends or is considered harmful to someone, in books, films, music, and visual arts. I’ve heard there are people harmed because of gay content. Does that mean all books with any gay content should have warning labels? I’ve even heard where people are offended by certain dances. Unfortunately, the less sophisticated reader is usually the one who will be the most offended and harmed.

In the same respect, I don’t have as strong of an opinion on this topic as I probably should. Part of that is because I’ve become jaded with the abuse of search engines and censorship and I’ve had to learn how to avoid simple words in order to keep perfectly innocent books from being targeted for the wrong reasons. So if all books everywhere, in every single genre, including The Bluest Eye, were required to come with warning labels I wouldn’t complain. But I want them ALL to have labels, not just certain books with certain small publishers, in certain genres. ALL of them. I want them rated for content like films with labels…even Debbie Macomber books would have labels that read: No. Sex. At. All. Ever. And until that happens, or I’m forced otherwise, you won’t be seeing any warning labels on my books.

Davey Wavey: The Worst Part of Gay

I think what I find most interesting about Davey Wavey is that he comes up with things no one else would ever consider. In this case, he’s come up with the theory that the worst part about being gay is that a gay guy can have two ex-boyfriends start dating each other. And he’s right. Women can’t relate to that…unless they’ve been dating two men who turned gay. I’m sure that’s happened somewhere, at some point, but it’s not common. At least I hope not anyway.

In any event, here’s how Davey Wavey puts it. You can check it out here on his web site, too.

New York Times Paid Content

A lot of newspapers are now charging for online content. And when I saw this ad for The New York Times I thought I’d share.

It’s not something I would do at this point, but I hate to say never. I can get all the free info I want on the web from other sources that are just as good, if not better than the NYT. I find the NYT to be highly slanted, filled with spin, and patronizing to gays at times.  But I also think this paid content thing is going to be a trend that continues and it will be interesting to see what’s next.