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Family Circle Gay Backlash

Remember how I posted about Family Circle Magazine earlier this week, and how they did a feature with two gay dads in a new feature section? Well, there’s been plenty of backlash from the anti-gays out there about that feature and it hasn’t been pretty.

Women’s magazine Family Circle just made history by featuring a gay family in its publication for the first time ever, but they were met with backlash from some hateful readers.

Same-sex couple Chris and Bob Osner-Hackett appear alongside their two daughters in the most recent issue of Family Circle in a new question-and-answer column titled “Modern Life.”

Here’s the link. You can read the comments from facebook, and the people who commented are listed by name. I’d rather not put that kind of thing here on the blog. I don’t even like linking to it. In this case, as in most others, the hate is coming once again from the good old God-loving religious types.

Davey Wavey on Safe Sex

Sometimes I wonder if these things are meant to be serious or not. Common sense dictates the best way to talk about safe sex with a potential partner is to come out and say, “I only practice safe sex, like it or not.” That’s what always worked best for me. I’m really not joking about this. I have no complaints, and if anyone didn’t like talking about it, or me stating this, I went home alone. I never buckled to peer pressure. I’m not trying to sound holier than thou either. I was a kid when AIDS started and I still remember the details all too well.

Evidently, Davey Wavey has a few tips on how to bring up the topic of safe sex in a more casual way. I honestly didn’t even think something like this could be an issue. But I guess it is and at least someone is discussing it in a way that makes sense to those of you who are embarrassed.

For many guys, simply asking, “Hey do you have a condom?” does the trick — it’s direct, lets him know you’re on board to get down, and sends the message that safe sex is a priority for you. If he responds, “Uhh…no, but it’s cool,” then you know you have a problem.

My only comment is that you should never be embarrassed to say you practice safe sex, not with anyone. And never trust anyone who tells you it doesn’t matter to him.

You can read the rest here.

Gay In Prison

I personally have no doubts about this one…that it sucks to be gay in prison. I can’t even imagine what it would be like. And this article makes some very interesting points.

15 former and current inmates at San Bernardino Prison in California filed a class action lawsuit alleging mistreatment and discrimination because they’re gay and bi.

The lawsuit says that the, “inmates are not given equal access to opportunities to reduce their sentences, services, programs and facilities, and are often treated in an abusive and neglectful manner. In short, GBT inmates at WVDC serve longer sentences and endure substantially worse conditions of confinement simply because they are gay, bisexual or transgender.

Unlike the male, non-GBT general population, sentenced GBT inmates at WVDC are generally not allowed to participate in the inmate work program, and, to the extent they may occasionally have limited access, it is substantially less than that available to non-GBT inmates.”

You can read more here. The rest is as disturbing.

Pat Robertson: Gay Rights Activists Terrorists

When I posted about Anderson Cooper responding to something Pat Robertson said about the AIDS virus, yesterday, I didn’t know the discussion would continue. But now it seems Pat Robertson is calling gay activists terrorists.

“These people are terrorists, they’re radicals, and they’re extremists,” Robertson told “700 Club” viewers. “No Christian in his right mind would ever try to enforce somebody against their belief or else suffer jail. Now they did that during the Inquisition. It was horrible. It was a black mark on our history, but it isn’t being done now. There’s no Christian group I know of anywhere in the world that would force somebody to do something contrary to their deep-held religious beliefs or else face criminal penalties, but that’s what the homosexuals are trying to do here in America and I think it’s time pastors stand up and fight this monstrous thing.”

It’s hard for me to comment on this one because I’m not an activist. I just believe in good old fashioned civil rights and equality for all. But aside from everything else in this article, you’d think Robertson would at least get it right in a technical sense when he makes claims that AIDS can be spread through towels (his comment is in the link below), because it’s getting harder to take the man seriously.

You can read the rest here.    

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