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Danny Pintauro’s BDSM Sex and HIV; Majority Of Gay Men Didn’t Use Condoms?; One Million Moms And Campbells Soup

Danny Pintauro’s BDSM Sex and HIV

Openly gay, Danny Pintauro, has been vocal lately about his addiction to meth and being HIV positive. This is interesting because he claims he contracted HIV through oral sex, not anal.

Pintauro, who revealed he believes he contracted HIV through oral sex 12 years ago, explained he was first introduced to meth during a BDSM sex session with a stranger.

“So here I am wanting to explore bondage, wanting to explore rougher things, wanting to explore, sort of, being dominated,” he recalled. “And the person that I find, who I think is just gorgeous and, oh my god, it’s, like, perfect. … This guy wants to hang out with me? How can I turn him down?”

Actually, for any young gay men reading this who are curious about exploring their sexuality, you can turn people down if it’s not safe sex. You can say no. I’ve done that many times. Speaking from a different POV, I know it is possible, though frustrating at times, to turn someone down…even if he is gorgeous and like OMG perfect. You have that power.

You can read the rest here.

Majority Of Gay Men Didn’t Use Condoms

This is kind of conflicting because I think many of us just assume that everyone…not just gay men…is using a condom IF they are having sex with people they can’t be sure about. There are many STDs out there, and to risk getting any one of them makes me wonder. But still, I have to wonder where this article is going because it’s talking about married gay men and gay men in long term relationships, too…and I’m not sure why.

The study found that 72 percent of respondents said they didn’t use condoms the last time they had anal sex. Of that 72 percent, 32 percent said they didn’t use a condom the last time they topped, compared the 37 percent who said they didn’t use a condom the last time they bottomed.

50 percent of the men engaging in unprotected anal sex said they did so with either a long-term boyfriend or their husband or civil partner. 20 percent said they did so with a person they were either dating or with whom they had sex on a regular basis.

You can read the rest here. I don’t know how accurate this really is. And there are obviously a few variables. If you are married or with a long term boyfriend and you’re monogamous you don’t need condoms. We’re just like straight married couples in that respect.

And as someone in the comments pointed out, how many are doing PrEP?

One Million Moms and Campbell’s Soup

One Million Moms, the anti-gay conservative group that’s always been against same sex marriage, has been going after Campbell’s Soup for featuring a family with two gay dads.

Here’s part of it…

 “It starts off with the first man feeding soup to the little boy and in a ‘Star Wars’ Darth Vader voice says, ‘Luke, I am your father.’ Then the other man enters the scene and says, ‘No, Luke, I am your father.’ How confusing for this little boy and for all children viewing this commercial.”

You can read the rest here. 

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