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Straight Acting Gay Men Left Out; Orgasm and Prostate Cancer; Madrid’s Hot Fetish Bar

Straight Acting Gay Men

Here’s an article that talks about an interesting topic, and yet misses the most important point associated with the topic, as if it doesn’t even exist. I’ll get into that in a second, but first let me show you what I’m talking about.

The gist of the piece focuses on the struggle many straight acting gay men face…or rather, if there actually is a struggle. It’s one of those meme things where guys leave quotes. In this case, it’s the “straight acting” guys giving their thoughts.

Here’s one:

Because I’m gay I get asked to do flamboyant things like dress as a girl. It bothers me that people fail to realize that not all gays are that way. Ignorance makes the world blind to reality.

There are others that follow the same voice and tone, here.

I believe the mainstream media has a lot to do with this. From books to films, they know how to exploit us well for monetary gain. Up until recently, most of the gay men we’ve seen portrayed in films and on TV have been the most flamboyant. I rarely ever found any I could personally identify with. There’s nothing wrong with being flamboyant, however, the gay male community is much too diverse to only show one type of gay man. I’d like to feel as if I’m being represented once in a while, too. But more than that, people tend to overlook the fact that gay men, are indeed, men.  And we identify as men.

I also believe that as the entire LGBT community gains more equality and it becomes more natural to come out of the closet, we’ll be seeing a huge show of gay men most people never even thought existed. In short: the gay men who act straight. Everyone says the Internet killed the gay bar. But I think it goes deeper than that sometimes. There is still a HUGE silent segment of the gay male community that has no interest in being segregated to a gay bar, living in a gay ghetto, or falling into the cliched stereotypes that have been forced down everyone’s throat since the 1960’s. And it’s going to take time for that to happen. Most of us still don’t even know that we’re being appropriated on a daily basis.

Of course you have to check out the comments.

And, just to reinforce this with an example here’s something that’s been happening. They want to give Dan Savage his own TV show. Personally, I find everything about Dan Savage annoying, from his politics to his views on religion. And I am not, and will never, submit to the kind of peer pressure that says I have to like or even agree with Dan Savage. I think he’s a douche who will do anything to get attention. But, Dan Savage is getting a TV show. That’s a reality. And that’s what I mean by how the media distorts things for many gay men. We are not, by any means, all like Dan Savage. 

Orgasm and Prostate Cancer

Evidently, having an orgasm a day will help keep you from getting prostate cancer.

32,000 men participated in the study over the course of 18 years, making it the largest research to date on male ejaculation (or at least the largest scientific study). Participants shared their monthly ejaculation practices between the ages of 20 and 29, and 40 and 49.

Of the 32,000 participants, 3,839 eventually developed prostate cancer. Interestingly, men who reported orgasming more than 21 times a month showed a 22% lower risk of developing problems.

I always have problems with these studies. They never seem to prove accurate over a long span of time. I know a lot of people who have had cancer and died from cancer. None of them ever smoked, got too much sun, or were exposed to chemicals. I’m not saying things like smoking are good for you, but so far no one has been able to isolate how or why we get cancer.

You can read the rest here.

Madrid’s Hot Fetish Bar

A lot of gay men I know go to Spain all the time…for a lot of fun. Ibiza seems to be the place of choice, however, this article talks about Madrid.

Odarko bills itself as “a benchmark in the international gay fetish scene.” Located in Madrid’s Callao gayborhood, the bar is known for its all-night fetish parties, elaborate laser lights, and house and electronic music spun by resident DJ Manuel Carranco. It’s a must-see for any gay, leather-loving traveler who finds himself passing through Madrid.

The rest is here. There are photos. Oh, are there photos. But all SFW. 

This is a big part of gay culture nowadays, but by no means the only part of gay culture. And it’s exactly what I was talking about earlier in this post. I also know a lot of gay men who would never, ever go to a bar like this, anywhere and at any time. And they live full, happy lives.  …Diversity.