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Waiting to Hear From Dalia…

I’m waiting to hear from Dalia!!

Who is Dalia?

Dalia is the talented editor and artist who just finished editing my new short story, SIR, YES SIR, and creating the cover art for the book.

I’ll post more about the book as it gets closer to release. But I wanted to thank Dalia right now for working so hard and being so damn talented. When I get links to her blog and her info, I’ll also post them here so if anyone’s interested they can check her out, too.

I write fast. If I had to I could probably write a novel in a week. My personal best is three weeks and that was tiring. However, when it comes to cover art I don’t know which way to look for help.

And when someone like Dalia comes along and I see how excellent she is in both areas of e-publishing, I think it’s time to applaud!