Where Unprotected Sex Is More Common; DADA WOOF PAPA HOT; Gay Imam Tweets About Gays and Islam

Where Unprotected Sex Is More Common

This study has been making news lately, and it could be because it’s finally bringing HIV up in discussions. We, in general, haven’t talked about it quite this way before. It’s also a little complicated because it gets into the various degrees of HIV viral suppression there are out there. I think that’s important to understand.

I’ll bet most people don’t know there are HIV poz people who don’t have the virus suppressed as opposed to people who are considered HIV poz where the virus is undetectable. Most people also don’t know that one of the biggest concerns of HIV docs is that some of their patients aren’t taking their meds regularly. Now, I’ve heard that verbatim from ID docs myself, and if that’s the case responsibility also comes into play. I’m not talking about people who can’t get or afford HIV meds. I’m talking about people who have them and just don’t bother to take them regularly.

Of those men, about 69 percent were not virally suppressed, meaning there are detectable levels of HIV in their blood and that increases the risk of transmitting the virus to someone else through unprotected sex and other forms of exposure.

“Other studies that look at HIV-infected youth show low levels of viral suppression, but this was the lowest rate of viral suppression we could find,” said Wilson.

Of those with detectable HIV levels, about 55 percent said they had had anal sex without a condom in the last three months, compared to about 44 percent among HIV-positive respondents with undetectable viral loads.
I don’t like to draw conclusions about these things, so you can read the rest here. Most of all, I like to stick to my standard mind set of don’t trust anyone you don’t know and always have safe sex unless you know for certain what the HIV status of someone is. Condoms are still a lot cheaper than HIV meds and they don’t have any of the long term side effects. And no matter what you read right now in studies or articles, I have never seen anyone taking HIV meds for a long time who didn’t have side effects.
There’s a new “it” play on Broadway everyone’s talking about that gets into the concept of two older gay men raising a child. From what I gather, because I haven’t seen it, they get into a lot of issues involving gay marriage.

This drama tells the year-long story of an older gay couple, Rob (Patrick Breen) and Alan (John Benjamin Hickey) and their three-year old daughter, Nicola. Throughout the work they deal with infidelity, a decaying sex life, their child’s blatant favoritism of one parent, and various career struggles. The two leads take the audience on their emotional roller coaster, showing all the nuances of a same-sex marriage and family.

The Littlest Christmas Tree

For that reason, I praise this show, especially the playwright Peter Parnell, since this play does a rather decent job educating the public about gay marriage and parenting. I saw the show on Friday night, December 5th, and the majority of the audience were distinctly older. I’m not entirely sure they knew what they were going to see, actually. Regardless, just by watching this show they learned that gay men have their own marriage struggles, arguments, tender moments; they even struggle to get their daughter to go to sleep, just like straight couples do.

You can read more here. It sounds like a play I’d like to see. Just out of curiosity.

This part sounds a little confusing, though.

This play feeds into every negative stereotype about white gay privilege. All the gay characters are constantly discussing private school admissions, Tibetan nannies, violin recitals, and what the latest “hot” restaurant is, all while wearing tight Ralph Lauren sweaters, lounging in designer chaise lounges, sipping a glass of Reisling, and munching on lobster risotto.

As if there aren’t stereotypes about anything? Again, I haven’t seen the play but from the way it sounds this might be just another attempt at left wing theater elitists missing the most important segment of the gay community and ONLY focusing on the stereotypes. In short: Modern Family Meets PC Broadway.

I also have to wonder about age in general and raising kids. How old is too old to take on that kind of responsibility…gay or straight?  

Gay Imam Tweets About Gays and Islam

There’s now an anon gay Imam from Malaysia who’s tweeting that there is no “condemnation of gay relationships in Islamic scripture…” as long as the gay people don’t have sex. I’m not joking about this.

As you would imagine, Twitter went BERSERK…

Adik also revealed that he was in a celibate relationship with another man and that he saw no conflict between that and his faith.

‘Take note, I am a celibat[e] imam and I have a partner. Celibat[e]: not married and no sex.’
‘According to [Islamic] law, Sex without marriage is a sin. Anal sex (men and women), a sin. I chose to abstain from both.’

Adik’s tweets caused a heated debate online.

‘It’s just crazy to even imagine the concept of a gay imam,’ one user tweeted.

The rest is here. 

I have no comments to add.

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