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Edits…Bury it, Officer and The Bachelor

For some reason, edits always come around at the same time. I don’t plan this. But this is a good thing. I hate to be working on one book and editing another at the same time. It’s hard to switch gears that way.

For the past week, I’ve been working on edits for my new short story with, BURY IT, OFFICER. And on my new novel for ravenous romance, THE BACHELOR.

And I went way over word count on THE BACHELOR. It’s pushing 71,000, which is longer than I usually like a m/m erotic romance to be. But in this case I think it works. When I started editing, it was over 100,00, but I thought that was far too long and wound up editing almost 30,000 words. Which isn’t easy to do. Mostly what I cut out were erotic scenes. This is one of those books were the romance doesn’t really get under way until the middle of the book, and up until then, the main character, Jim Johnston, has a few little flings along the way that leave him less than satisfied.

But I think he grew in this book, which is what I wanted from him this time. And the erotic scenes I did cut turned out to be scenes that weren’t really needed. Too bad there isn’t a section at the back of books like they do with films, where everything that’s cut during edits is shown to the reader in an unedited version. I’d love to read them myself.