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I Love Penis Cake; Barry Eisler on Pot & Gays; Chase of a Lifetime Series by Ryan Field

I Love Penis Cake

I hadn’t heard about this until now, but evidently gay teens are now opting for more creative ways to come out, and they aren’t holding back a thing. In this particular case gay teen, Keanu Williams, came up with an “I Love Penis” cake for his coming out.

“I wanted to do something different to tell them and making a video let me tell people I don’t see everyday something that recently happened in my life,” Williams writes on his YouTube page. “I’m happy and don’t regret what has happened.”

Coming out is a different process for everyone. Good for him. At least he knows what he loves and he’s not ashamed to admit it.

You can read more here.

And here’s a link to a web site where, if you so desire, you can have erotic cakes of all kinds made to order.

Barry Eisler on Pot and Gays

According to a “poll” (and this article), Republicans should expect to lose the fight with same sex marriage and recreational pot. And, author and blogger, Barry Eisler, wrote an interesting post recently that discusses both. He said this, among many things:

The inability to distinguish between subjective taste and objective principle is the very confusion that takes people from “I don’t like gay sex” to “gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry each other.”  Obviously, the tendency is powerful — so powerful it causes a collapse in logic and reason in otherwise presumably capable people, people who can feel so strongly about their own preferences that they manage to leap from “I don’t like X” to “which means X is objectively bad for society” to “and therefore the best and only way to address X is to make it a criminal act.”

I do agree with Eisler’s post, and what he said above. The sad fact is that most…including the media…don’t know HOW to distinguish between subjective taste and objective principle. And the article I linked to above about “Republicans” losing both fights is an example of this inability to grasp the difference between subjective taste and objective principle. In other words, the article was written by someone with such highly subjective taste it’s not possible for her to even fathom that many Republicans are gay (or support gay marriage), smoke pot, and want both to be legalized. That’s not hearsay…though I didn’t take a “poll.” I know plenty of gay Republicans who feel this way. And as a lifelong registered Democrat it often bothers me that so many in my own party don’t understand the meaning of objective principle because they are so caught up in their own subjective taste.

You can read more here. Barry Eisler is probably the most intense, passionate blogger around. It’s not always easy to grasp what he’s trying to say, but it is interesting. He’s straight, too.

Chase of a Lifetime series by Ryan Field

I don’t think I’ve ever listed the Chase of a Lifetime series books in order. Someone asked me this week and I had to scramble to give them an answer because I don’t always remember everything I’ve written on a moment’s notice. So here’s a list of the books, in order, and I’m not sure if the series will continue. There might be a few more books in this series in the future. But not for a while because I’m caught up with deadlines for publishers as this point. All books are stand alones and don’t have to be read in order. But it does help if you read them in order because each book does follow the progression of Jim and Len’s lives.

The first two in the series were indie pubbed with Ryan Field Press.

Book One: Chase of a Lifetime

Book Two: Chase of a Dream (unabridged version with erotic scenes)

                   Chase of a Dream (abridged version without erotic scenes) I self-censored this one book and removed 7,000 words that contained erotic scenes…for those who might want to read a m/m love story without erotica. I can’t find the link on Amazon, but it anyone wants the book e-mail me in private.

Book Three: Chase of an Adventure Fifty Shades of Gay (This was published with e-publisher, Ravenous Romance, and the Fifty Shades part of the title has absolutely nothing to do with the mainstream novel Fifty Shades of Grey whatsoever. The storyline follows Len and Jim, and this time I get into Len’s family that I’d only skimmed over in the previous books.)

I’d like to do more of these books in the future because I set them in a part of California that’s one of my favorite places in the world. I love it so much I could live there myself someday.

I’d also like to thank those who left reviews for all the books. I know a lot of people buy them and don’t leave reviews, and that’s ok, too. But in making up this list it’s actually the first time I’ve seen any of the reviews for any of the “Chase” books and I’m always thankful for that because I truly hate to solicit book reviews from anyone. In a world where authors are always aggressively seeking out reviews, I know I fall short in that department and should probably work harder on it in the future. But we all have things we don’t like doing and hocking people for book reviews is one thing I don’t like doing. So again, thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a review.