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Cute Male Teacher Hooks Up With Male Student On Grindr During School; New Gay Web Series, "Jaded"; The Joy of Gay Sex Illustrator

Cute Male Teacher Hooks Up With Male Student On Grindr During School

I wonder what the fans of the movie Call Me By Your Name think about this story. A cute young high school teacher in Kansas hooked up with a student on Grindr, during school hours, and now the teacher is facing a felony charge. And in this case it’s interesting to note that the student is 18 years old and has reached the legal age of consent

According to recently released court documents, Adrian and the student first connected on Grindr on September 6. They quickly recognized one another and continued chatting on the app and on Snapchat.
The conversations became “sexual in nature” and on September 7, the two met in Adrian’s classroom at Olathe East High School for a hookup during the middle of the school day.

Here’s the link where you can read the rest of it. There are 64 comments and the discussion is very interesting.

New Gay Web Series, Jaded

I love these things. For the first time in the history of pop culture we now have a means to produce our own content, with our own gay story lines and characters.

Here’s the plot description.

Jaded tells the story of an ordinary man living in the extraordinary city of San Francisco. We follow him as he traverses the gay dating world, looking for love in all the wrong places while on a relentless search for something more. Of course, it’s based on some of my experiences and personal journey, but offers a universal slice-of-life look into the sometimes heartbreaking, never dull, and always exciting San Francisco gay community.

You can check this out, here. There’s a video, too. I watched, and I liked it.

The Joy of Gay Sex Illustrator

This link comes with a content warning, so it might not be SFW. But it really is art and I don’t find anything pornographic about it. The artist, Michael Leonard, is famous for his illustrations in The Joy of Gay Sex, which was released back in 1977.

A new retrospective of artist Michael Leonard, who often incorporates homoerotic motifs in his work, has been staged in London.
Henry Miller Fine Art presents Michael Leonard is currently being held at Coningsby Gallery on London’s Tottenham Street. It will be on display until 27 October.

Here’s more. There are several excellent examples of his work. If you’re not familiar with him you should check this out.

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