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Memories Pizza Reopens; Gay White House Social Secretary; Gay Movie Crowdfunding; Cathloic Priest Hosted Gay Sex Parties

Memories Pizza Reopens

It somehow seems appropriate that this particular pizza place is named Memories, because I think the world will always remember them as the business that made almost a million dollars for hating people who are just trying to live their lives. No one ever asked these people to provide service for a gay wedding. These people just made the announcement they wouldn’t provide service IF they were asked. And now they’ll always be THAT pizza shop, and THOSE people. History always repeats itself.

In any event, the owners of Memories recently reopened after they made their million through crowdfunding thanks to other people who don’t believe gay people are equal to them, and they had a few comments.

This is rich.

“I’d do the same thing again,” the 61-year-old father of eight said yesterday.

And this.

As for all the cash his family pocketed, O’Connor says, “It was really making us uncomfortable.”

“We were like, ‘Stop! Stop! Stop!’” his daughter, Crystal, added.

I don’t think there’s a better example of hate and greed in the US than this right now. The rest is here. 

So far, I haven’t heard that any of this money will be donated to any Christian organizations.

Gay White House Social Secretary

The openly gay White House Social Secretary, Jeremy Bernard, is calling it quits after four years of service.

“The good thing about this job—and perhaps the bad thing—is that I am not able to think about the future,” Bernard said. “One of my predecessors told me that she lost sleep toward the end because people told her she would go on to do great things next, but they never told her what. She warned me that I do have to start thinking about it. I know I do; I just haven’t yet. I’m sort of putting my head in the sand.“

You can check that out here. 

The comments are odd. Some seem to be offended that Bernard is referred to as the gay social secretary. Well? He’s gay and he’s the social secretary. And he seems proud of his accomplishments. So why shouldn’t he take ownership of the fact that he is gay and is in this high profile position?!? Oh, unless I missed the bulletin about how no one in the world uses labels anymore, I think a few people missed the point.

Gay Movie Crowdfunding

I normally don’t promote any crowdfunding here unless I believe in it. And this particular crowdfunding project for a movie titled, The Beach House, is being pulled together by gay men. Gay men who don’t have the same opportunities that straight people have in films…or even in book publishing…because straight people do, indeed, rule the world. Even those who supports us. They rule the world, too. So when I see something where only gay people are working hard to produce something of quality, I don’t have a problem giving them a shout. And, I would do the same for a feminist group, or any other group that doesn’t have the same opportunities straight people of privilege have.

This project is happening on Idiegogo. I also like this particular site because it’s where the film company that produced the documentary, The State of Marriage, that Tony and I were in raised funds themselves. And there was a Vermont Supreme Court Justice in that one, so I know everything was on the up and up.

In any event, here’s some basic info about the project, and you can read the rest here:

The Beach House will be one of the first LGBT films focusing on gays in the military. More importantly, what happens when they return to the states, often with PTSD.

As the filmmaking team, our goal is to make an important film that sheds light on the struggles that our vets, both gay and straight, have when they return home. The Beach House will be a beautiful, engrossing and romantically charged film.

Catholic Priest Hosted Gay Sex Parties

Here we go again. There’s a Catholic priest in Italy who has been released from his duties for allegedly having gay sex parties with male strippers. And he did this through some kind of really creepy Christ-themed role play. Bet he didn’t want a label either. And for the record, if there are any Christians reading this, I think this is sick shit, too. About as bad as it gets.

The evidence was supplied by one of the priest’s lovers. Ironically, the 32-year-old whistleblower had played Judas during their role play sessions.

The man told the Italian newspaper Corriere del Mezzogiorno that he originally went to the priest for spiritual guidance, but things quickly took a carnal turn.

“He told me my pictures made him excited and asked me to send him an intimate photo,” the man said.

And….you can read the rest here.