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CrossFit Sued for Discrimination; Fired Gay Principal; Gays in Russia Egged;

CrossFit Sued for Discrimination

I’ve posted about CrossFit here on the blog before. It’s an exaggerated fitness trend that some think borderlines cult fever. I’ve looked into it, but I’m no expert (review from WebMD, below). I have seen these things come and go too many times. From what little I do know it seemed harmless enough. But this article I’m linking to below is interesting because a transgender personal trainer, Chloie Jonsson, is now suing CrossFit for what her attorney refers to as a case of discrimination against transgender people.  RuPaul drag race star, Carmen Carrera, recently spoke out on Jonsson’s behalf.

RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Carmen Carrera is slamming the CrossFit Games for not allowing transgender athlete Chloie Jonnson compete as a female in their competition.

Crossfit, which is being sued by Jonnson for $2.5 million, has said transgender athletes are only allowed to compete under their birth gender. They call it ‘fundamental biology’ that a female born as a man would have an unfair advantage over other competitors.

You can read more here.

This is how CrossFit replied:

Crossfit had sent a letter to Johnnson stating: ‘The fundamental, ineluctable fact is that a male competitor who has a sex reassignment procedure still has a genetic makeup that confers a physical and physiological advantage over women. Our decision has nothing to do with “ignorance” or being bigots – it has to do with a very real understanding of the human genome, of fundamental biology, that you are either intentionally ignoring or missed in high school.’

That sounds a little snarky to me, even unprofessional. Aside from the fact that Jonsson is legally female, she has been taking estrogen for a long time.

If you read both links you’ll see how important it is to understand what transgender really means. I hope Jonsson wins and this sets a standard for future cases like this.

You can read more about CrossFit here, at WebMD, where it was reviewed fairly with pros and cons.

CrossFit claims that the system is “empirically driven and clinically tested” which insinuates that the methods are scientifically supported. A review of the current scientific literature, however, shows no published studies about CrossFit in top-rated peer-reviewed strength and conditioning or exercise physiology research journals.  

Fired Gay Principal

A vice principal in a Catholic school in Washington state has filed a law suit for being fired wrongfully.

Mark Zmuda’s dismissal sparked student sit-ins and protests at Eastside Catholic High School in December. On Friday, the popular ex-teacher filed a discrimination and wrongful termination lawsuit against the school and the Seattle archdiocese.

More here.

I’ve posted about this a few times. It’s happened locally. And the one thing that always remains consistent is that the students always stand behind the teacher/principal who is being discriminated against.

Gays in Russia Egged

During a rally for International Women’s Day in Russia, eggs were thrown at gays for having rainbow flags.

The rally, held from Samotechnaya Square to Suvorov Square in Moscow, included LGBT activists from Moscow’s Rainbow Association as well as around 100 other participants who held placards for equal rights and anti-sexism.

Shortly after the protest started, Russian police demanded any rainbow flags were immediately removed from the rally, but posters with anti-homophobia slogans were allowed to remain.

Reason why I boycotted the Russian Olympics. It’s not getting better for LGBTI people over there.

You can read more here.