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The Kind of Crabs You Don’t Find in Restaurants…

I’ve been researching a fairly common STI (sexually transmitted infections) for a new gay fiction book I’m working on with a pen name. Though I can’t reveal the pen name or the title, and I’m not all that fond of the fact that I’m even using a pen name (publisher’s suggestion, not mine), I figured I’d share some of the information I’ve learned about crabs…or pubic lice.

Most don’t realize how common it is, and how easy it is to get. It’s one of those things that can be transmitted through sexual contact or through casual contact…like trying on a bathing suit in a store without underwear. We often joke around about it, but if not treated it can be spread from person to person. And that’s not a cool thing to do.

This web site states:
Sometimes, pubic lice can spread through contact with objects such as toilet seats, sheets, blankets, or bathing suits at a store. However, this type of spreading is rare.

Rare, but it can happen.

The clinical term for crabs or pubic lice is Pediculosis pubis. Wiki has more interesting information at this link.

Pubic lice are primarily spread through sweat, body contact, or sexual contact. Therefore, all partners with whom the patient has had sexual contact within the previous 30 days should be evaluated and treated, and sexual contact should be avoided until all partners have successfully completed treatment and are thought to be cured. Because of the strong association between the presence of pubic lice and classic sexually transmitted infections (STIs), patients diagnosed with pubic lice should undergo evaluation for other STIs.

There is also a different kind of safe sex prevention with this STI, according to this web site, where it takes more than just condoms to prevent pubic lice. In other words, pay attention to what you do and who you do it with. Because this is the last thing anyone is going to mention to you before you have sex with them. And if you have sex with strangers and you think you might have been infected, keep checking for signs. This web site has some good information, too, and states that condoms are NOT “Effective against preventing crabs.”

On the lighter side, the treatment for crabs, if detected early, isn’t complicated. There are over the counter products you can buy. And one application usually takes care of things. But if you do have symptoms after you’ve used a treatment, it’s recommended that you call a health care professional as soon as possible.

And, please don’t ask me about the pen name or the book I’m working on. I don’t believe in revealing pen names under any circumstances, which in turn makes it impossible to promote a book with a pen name…for me. Because I have NO intention of creating a fake identity and sockpuppeting within the m/m fiction community. On the flip side, it should be interesting to see how a book is received when the author doesn’t do any promotion. I’ve had other authors tell me the books they have out with pen names do very well and they hardly promote them at all. So maybe all this promotional hype and hocking social media and review sites isn’t as important as they say it is. I honestly don’t know, but I will post more about it in the future.