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New Release, Cowtown, New Jersey, and KEVIN LOVES COWBOYS

In my new short story stand alone, KEVIN LOVES COWBOYS, which will be released today, here, I mention a place in the storyline called Cowtown, New Jersey. I know it sounds fictional. When most people think of New Jersey they think of factories, congested suburbs, and The Sopranos. But in this story the setting is actually based on a real place.

There is, in fact, a Cowtown, New Jersey. I grew up five miles away from there, in a small southern New Jersey town on the Delaware River called, Penns Grove. This is not the New Jersey most people think they know. Penns Grove is located near the Delaware Memorial Bridge and it’s been nicknamed “The Gateway to the South.” Actor John Forsythe was born there, Bruce Willis grew up there. And last time I heard (my mom knows all the local gossip), Bruce’s family still lives there.

And there’s a large rodeo/farmers market/livestock auction/country western place not far from Penns Grove called Cowtown. And though I now live in Bucks County, PA, I still go back all the time to visit and I still make trips to Cowtown. Like I said, it’s not like the New Jersey people think they know. It’s more like being in New Orleans, or Texas, with a strong southern atmosphere. Even the roads are named after southern states. The main road running through Penns Grove is Virginia Avenue.

I’m posting this as background story because I’ve already had a few e-mails about Cowtown and the book hasn’t even been released a full day yet. People are questioning whether or not there is a Cowtown. They seem worried it’s not going to sound real enough because most people haven’t heard of a rodeo in New Jersey (smile). Well, take it from me, because I grew up there, went to school there, and spent many a Saturday night at the Cowtown Rodeo. And if you don’t believe me, just follow the links I’ve provided and you can see for yourself.