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Internal Desires; Nude Channing Tatum; Jane Lynch Gay Divorce

Here’s my new book cover for the upcoming release, Internal Desires. This one is another indie, it’s a long short story that runs 13,000 words, and it will be a .99 e-book and I’ve opted into the kindle select program for the next three months. What that means is I will have a three month exclusive with Amazon because this is a lending program. I hate the exclusive as a writer, but I love the lending program as a reader, and if you don’t have a kindle app and you’re not part of the program as a reader you might want to check it out. Just a suggestion. I know everyone has an opinion about this.

In any event, here’s the book description…it’s LGBT new adult:

When young Randy’s mom and dad leave the ranch in Montana for a week long road trip, he remains home alone because of a baseball game and his job as a part time cowboy on a dude ranch. But Randy really has plans that week to experiment with his secret internal desire. It’s something he’s kept hidden for years beneath his old baseball gloves and athletic cups, and something he’s never told anyone aloud.

After gathering up all the courage he can, he sets out for an epic night of adventure only to discover the darker side of his secret fantasy that includes a misogynist idiot at a country western bar and serious brand of rape culture he’s only studied about in community college. Randy panics and he isn’t sure what to do. But when the man of his dreams shows up and turns out to be his real life hero, Randy winds up discovering internal desires he didn’t even know he had. 
Nude Channing Tatum
From the Oh No They Didn’t blog, here’s an article about Channing Tatum. If you scroll down to the bottom of the post you’ll find an excellent, artistic portrait of Channing Tatum in the nude. The article gets into an experience a guy once had with Tatum.
Back in 1998, I was spending the summer in the dorm at Glenville State College to help with the student newspaper. I met a football player who was there for summer practice. His name was Chan Tatum, and I paid him $30 to pose for my wallpaper site.

I decided to Google his name, and I found out he’s now a famous model. I’ve drooled over his professional work for years and somehow never connected the dots to realize it was him. The closest I got was thinking the actor driving the car in the Mountain Dew commercial seemed familiar.

In retrospect, his shock that I could sell photos of him seems really really funny.

Read more at ONTD:

Jane Lynch Divorce
I’ve been meaning to write a long post on gay divorce for a long time, but it’s tricky to do because from a legal standpoint there is no such thing in most states because gay marriage isn’t legal. This post about Jane Lynch getting divorced made me think about a few things I’ve seen in the past with other gay couples I’ve known. I would assume Lynch and her wife will have to follow the divorce laws in MA because marriage is legal there. But not all gay couples have that right now.
Glee star Jane Lynch has announced that she and her wife of three years, Lara Embry, are getting divorced. The couple, who were married in Western Massachusetts, met at a fundraiser in 2009. “I thought she was cute,” Embry told People magazine when she and Lynch married.
I wish I could say that all gay marriages last forever and end in HEA. But the fact is that just like straight couples, gay couples get divorced, too.
The only big difference is that straight couples who get divorced have legal rights. Gay couples in most states don’t, so they have to work it out alone. And sometimes that can get very messy…or be very unfair. I’ve seen it happen more than once.