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You Never Know How Things Will Work Out in Publishing

In this post, I talked about how I was having cover challenges with the new release of ANOTHER REGULAR BUD. Dawne Dominique, a talented cover artist with, created something wonderful, but I was afraid it would confuse readers.

So we opted to shelve the wonderful cover she created and we went with something more like the cover for A REGULAR BUD instead.

And last night the light bulb went off in my head while I was submitting a new short story to loveyoudivine titled, BURY IT, OFFICER. And I had that Ah-Ha moment I don’t get very often. The cover Dawne had created for ANOTHER REGULAR BUD that we’d shelved was absolutely perfect for my new short story, BURY IT, OFFICER. So I shot off an e-mail to see if we could still use it and she said I was in luck.

This almost never happens. I couldn’t have planned if I’d tried. And it’s one of the exciting things about publishing because you never really know what to expect and things are always happening by accident.

Cover Challenges: ANOTHER Regular Bud

As I stated in a post on Monday, I’ve been going back and forth all week with the cover artist, Dawne Dominique, over at, about the new cover for a new short story e-book titled, ANOTHER REGULAR BUD. If you haven’t seen Dawne’s work, please take the time to check it out. You will be extremely impressed.

I loved the first design she came up with. I can’t begin to let readers know how happy I am to be able to work with such talented, hard working people. But I was worried the first design would confuse readers. The first story, A REGULAR BUD, attracted certain readers and I want them to know the second story follows the same theme. This isn’t actually a series with the same characters, but the themes are the same. So I suggested a few things, Dawne listened, and we came up with this new cover.

I’m happy with this. I can’t thank Dawne enough for getting through this with me. And I will post more when the story is released.