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In case you’re unaware, it’s NANOWRIMO time of year again. This means National Novel Writing Month, and it’s become something of a sensation on the interwebs.

I’ve never done NANOWRIMO. But I’ve thought about doing it. I know I can do it. I’ve have actually written a 65,000 word novel in less than a month. This was a contracted novel for which I was paid a flat fee with royalties, under a pen name, I did in the summer of 2009 for a new project a publisher was working on.

And let me tell you, I write fast. But three to four weeks of intense novel writing is even way to freaked out for me. When I realized what I’d gotten myself into, I tried to back out. But the publisher really wanted me to do it and I didn’t want to let them down. But by the end of the second week of this intense daily writing, my left eye was twitching. And I vowed that once this novel was submitted I’d never do it again.

And I haven’t. I don’t think the quality of the actual novel suffered. But I would have been more creative and added more “life” to the book. As it stands, it’s a quiet little vampire romance that will never be anything more than what it is.

But I do think NANOWRIMO is an excellent experience for all writers to do at least once. I wouldn’t do it with high hopes of getting a great book deal. But from a practical POV, it certainly can’t hurt.

Here’s the link to check it out. I doubt there’s still time to get into it this year, but you can always plan for next year.