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Could Oprah Win the Presidency; Chelsea Handler’s Anti-Gay Homophobic Joke; Are Jock Straps Gay?

Could Oprah Win the Presidency

This is just me making a few wild predictions. When I do this I remain bipartisan. 

I’m linking to piece that talks about how Oprah is declining in the “polls” compared to Sanders and Biden, with respect to a Presidential run. However, if you recall none of these so-called accurate “polls” were correct in the last election, and I don’t think they’ve improved much since then. No one cares about polls anymore.

First, I don’t think Oprah would run for President unless she really decided she had no other choice. She’s not a woman who does anything by accident. I think she would have to feel the need, in her heart and soul, to do this.

Second, if she did run I think she’d have a strong chance of winning against anyone. She’s also a lot more than a TV/film personality. She’s a well-educated journalist who knows how to use counseling skills better than any talk show host in the history of TV.

The popular TV presenter would be beaten by both Biden and Bernie Sanders in a four-way Democratic primary that also included Elizabeth Warren, the RABA Research survey says.

My prediction, if Oprah were to run, goes completely against what this article is saying. In fact, I find it almost laughable that Elizabeth Warren could actually beat Oprah in a game of checkers let alone a bid for the Presidency. 

You can read it all here.  Oprah could definitely win. You saw that here first. 

Chelsea Handler’s Anti-Gay Homophobic Joke  

I don’t have a problem with Chelsea Handler’s right to free speech. I believe she can say anything she wants. But she can’t do that without consequences, because I do have a problem with this “joke.” And I’ve always had a problem with the way Handler treats gay men. She thinks of them as her pet poodles in that old time Sex and the City way. I do understand that she’s an older woman from an older generation, but that doesn’t mean she can’t keep up and evolve. There are plenty of older women her age who don’t treat gay men this way. 

If Handler new anything about gay men, or gay people in general, she wouldn’t have even gone near this subject. Because you don’t, ever, force anyone into coming out of the closet. No one has a right to do that to anyone. It’s just proof that Handler is coming from a place of such huge white, straight privilege she’ll never begin to know what it’s like for any gay person to be in the closet. 

She wrote: “Holy, fuck fuck. I just the video of trumps bipartisan “meeting” yesterday. Hey, @LindseyGrahamSC what kind of dick sucking video do they have on you for you 2 be acting like this? Wouldn’t coming out be more honorable?”

Here’s the rest. No, Chelsea! Pay attention. You don’t get the right to tell anyone when they should or should not come out of the closet. That’s not up to you. 

Frankly, what she said is about as anti-gay as anything I’ve seen so far this year. 

Are Jock Straps Gay?

This sounds about as silly as it gets, but I actually think there are people out there who don’t know anything about jock straps. It was also a Reddit question, which usually means a lot of interesting replies.

Today we learned jockstraps have some sort of function outside the realm of adult entertainment, with Wikipedia teaching us they’re intended as “an undergarment for supporting the male genitalia during cycling, contact sports or other vigorous physical activity.”

You can read it all, here. You don’t want to miss the comments. I’m not saying that in jest. Seriously. 

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