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Good Gay Oral; BAD, Bad Oral Sex; Methodist Minister Burns Himself to Death; Small Town Romance Writer by Ryan Field

Good Gay Oral

There’s an interesting and timeless article I found at a university web site that discusses gay oral sex…and oral sex in general. It’s not something that I would think is unsafe for work. But you’ll have to judge this yourselves. It’s more of an itemized list of tips that suggest how to give good oral sex and I don’t see anything that can be disputed. It’s not too technical or too graphic either.

One of the most important tips:

5. Don’t use your teeth. Ever. No one likes it. I don’t care if Cosmo magazine brings up some cool new technique that involves nibbling his shaft — because yes, I actually read this, and the thought itself makes me shudder — just don’t do it. Tooth-to-dick scraping is easily the number one way to ruin what could’ve been great dome, so practice tucking your lips over your teeth while blowing some phallic object like a banana and know that this will really help you hone your skills.

Without getting too detailed, I do think that everyone develops his or her own individual technique over time.

You can read them all in full, here.

BAD, Bad, Oral Sex

Just to show a difference, and to also show that magazines like Cosmo are so full of shit, I’m linking to this next ridiculous article about oral sex that offers four of the most ridiculous tips I have ever read before.

Here are two of the dumbest:

“Invisible oral” can boost your pleasure.

Try keeping the lights off so you can’t see him. You’ll have fewer distractions and be able to focus.

Seriously? Invisible oral? I’m surprised they didn’t tell readers to just hold their noses and wince while going down on a guy. If you’re not into oral sex then just don’t do it. Be honest and he’ll either thank you for this or he’ll leave. Either way, you shouldn’t have to fake something like this. If you’re not into it don’t do it…for your sake and his. Last I heard there was no written law that said everyone has to like giving (or getting) head.

There’s a gag-proof way to go deep.

This one talks about some kind of dumb tongue technique that creates the illusion of deep-throating. It’s dumb; they refer to a penis as a “member.” Really?

There’s actually a way, with practice, where you can learn to relax your gag reflex so that you can deep throat without any issues at all. But don’t try to fake it. It won’t work.

You can read the rest here if you are so inclined…or you need a good laugh. I just feel sorry for the people who read these things and don’t know any better.

Methodist Minister Burns Himself to Death

This is one of those startling things you read  sometimes that make you think about how passionate some people really are for a cause. In this case, a Methodist Minister in Texas burned himself to death to protest the injustices he’s witnessed against the LGBTI community. I talk about going up on that proverbial hill sometimes, but never in a literal sense.

Moore left a number of suicide notes and cited his own church’s continued refusal to marry same-sex couples, discrimination against LGBTI people, the use of the death penalty in America and growing economic inequality and cuts to social programs as issues that he wished to highlight with his death.

‘I would much prefer to go on living and enjoy my beloved wife and grandchildren and others, but I have come to believe that only my self-immolation will get the attention of anybody and perhaps inspire some to higher service,’ Moore wrote in one of the notes.

May he rest in peace.

There’s more here.

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