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Corner of Hollywood and Gay; Great Gay Sex Scenes; Justin Theroux’s Penis Again

Corner of Hollywood and Gay

A while ago, I found a web site called The Backlot…The Corner of Hollywood and Gay, and thought I’d link to a few stories. This site has been around for a while, I think, but it’s interesting how many LGBTI publications have been popping up online lately. I remember reading an article about two or three years ago about how LGBTI online content didn’t work because not enough gay people were reading it. At the time, I was searching for gay content to blog about and couldn’t find a thing. I’m curious to see how long it continues. As a blogger I’m thrilled because now there’s always something to link to, and something to discuss. As a gay man I’m glad to see anything in LGBTI news, because the mainstream still isn’t completely comfortable talking about us. At one time we all depended on our small, underground local publications that weren’t always readily available. Tony and I went to tea dance on Sundays just to get the Philadelphia Gay News.

In any event, here’s a story from The Backlot about The Fabulous Guys talking about dressing up your pets.

 In this clip from Logo’s Secret Guide to Fabulous, hosts Shaun T, Theodore Leaf, John Gidding and Rob Younkers address the age old question: dress your pet or not? Shaun T for one is not a fan of pet couture: “Clothes do not belong on dogs, they belong on humans.”

It’s a sweet clip. Personally, I don’t dress up my dogs because they don’t like getting dressed up. Why torture them? When we adopted our younger miniature poodle we paid the owner a $250 adoption fee for vet expenses and other things. I didn’t know the “other things” were because the former owner who claimed she couldn’t keep the dog had spent most of that money on the dumbest little outfits you’ve ever seen. Sickening ruffles, gag worthy pink sweaters. When we picked her up and they handed us a bag with doggie outfits, THOSE little pink dresses went right to the local Animal Shelter for anyone who wanted them. And that former owner missed out on a great dog by putting her up for adoption. She should have spent less time dressing her up and more time training her.

Great Gay Sex Scenes

This next article talks about some of the most popular gay sex scenes done in the past few years. I’ve never really paid attention to it before, but I guess there have been a lot more lately. I do recall a time when you rarely saw even a gay kiss in films or on TV.

This comment is interesting:

Six years later, it’s shocking just how far pop culture has come in terms of normalizing gay characters and stories, and how much bolder the gay film audience has grown in demanding films that speak truthfully to their sexual experience (though, it must be said, the films that answer the call are usually decidedly outside of the mainstream).

Here’s one example, from I Love You Phillip Morris:

Wow. Boasting one of the biggest Hollywood stars on this list – Jim Carrey – the opening scene of this based-on-true-events romp is as in-your-face as an attempted mainstream release gets. Audacious, unapologetic, and apparently too much for nervous executives to handle – the film ultimately was dumped into a handful of theaters despite its big-name stars and rave notices.

I didn’t review I Love You Phillip Morris, but I saw it and I did post about it here once. You can read about more gay sex scenes here.

As they state above, though, most of these films are outside the mainstream…and right now the mainstream is still wondering what Michael Sam is going to do in the locker rooms. Maybe things will be different five years from now.

Justin Theroux’s Penis Again

I know I posted about Justin Theroux’s bulge a couple of times already. And I swear I’m not obsessed with it. It’s just that this next link really does show a great clip, and it talks about the bulge scene in a slightly different way. I also think Leftovers is just a damn good show.

I’m a huge fan of Theroux’s part (his character, not his dick) in the TV show, Leftovers. In fact, last night was the season finale. For some reason the show seems to be getting slammed from all the critics, and this time I really don’t get it. It has almost everything the most pedantic critics would love. The show is from the creators of Lost. I admit that I was not a fan of Lost. But I started watching Leftovers just to see what it was about and I’ve become captivated with the characters and their lives. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth looking into, and give yourself at least three episodes on DVD or on demand to catch up all at one time.

If you read this you’ll think I’m a huge liar.

Nearly every TV critic I read found The Leftovers so depressing that they begged off recapping it by the end of the season. But if there was one bright spot, it was the amazing bouncing bulge of Justin Theroux as he jogged. It featured so prominently in the marketing that I assumed his junk would get star billing in the opening credits.

It’s dark, but I don’t find it depressing. Trust me, this show is about a lot more than Justin Theroux’s dick.

Maybe they should just let Justin Theroux do a full frontal nude scene…like they did with Boardwalk Empire. Just to get people to watch and not pay attention to the critics. I personally think once you learn not to pay attention to anything critics say…good or bad…you wind up enjoying all forms of art much more.

You can read more here, and there’s a clip of Theroux. I had a little trouble with this link, so here’s another. There’s also a great moving image of Theroux jogging down the road.

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