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Gay Harassment in Mississippi Restaurant; Cop Sues For Discrimination

Gay Harassment in Mississippi Restaurant

A gay couple went into a Mexican eatery in Mississippi, kissed, and wound up getting harassed. But this didn’t happen at random.

It was one of those ABC news shows called “What Would You do?” The person who harassed them was really an actress, and the point was to see how others in the restaurant would react.

One table of young women, for example, take videos, laugh and point as if the gay couple were circus freaks.

What’s interesting is that the point was raised that no one wants to see any couple “making out” in a restaurant, gay or straight. But when the show did the same experiment with a young straight couple making out no one harassed them and most even came to their defense.

The biggest argument against the gay couple kissing seemed to be religious/bible oriented. And “The Lord” was mentioned more than once.

You can see the video clip here.

The end is actually very moving. Two straight guys come to the defense of the gay guys, and one is so livid he wants to eat the religious bigots for dinner.

Cop Sues for Discrimination

A gay ex-cop with British Met Police is now suing for alleged discrimination. It gets very complicated. He’s not only suing for gay discrimination, but also race. The comments this guy makes are spot on, too.

He’s claiming other officers said he should be a hairdresser instead of a cop, or on the cabin crew. He was also told  Scotland Yard allegedly monitors cops on Grindr.

 Back in 2009, Maxwell was diagnosed with depression after experiencing racism and homophobia in the force.

A year later, he claims The Sun newspaper paid for his private data and threatened to publish a false story about him as he had raised discrimination within Scotland Yard.

I find this interesting because I know a straight state trooper going through something similar. In his case a female employee claims she found him on a hook up site for straight people that’s similar to Grindr. It’s almost an identical story, from the depression to the lawsuit…except for the fact that this guy isn’t gay. His case is still ongoing.

I also know other cops and they’ve always told me one of THE most important things about being a cop is to be as careful, as clean, and as above reproach as possible, especially those who are career cops. These cops that I know (some gay) are not free to act and behave like people in the private sector because their jobs and lives depend on it. Most are actually paranoid. So I hope they do a follow up on this situation. I’m curious to see what unfolds.

You can read more here.