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Cool Fashion Web Sites: Street Retro Dot Com

I don’t often post about things like this, but you can only take just so much publishing after a while. At least I get that way sometimes. And, life’s too short to read boring things all the time. It gets tired. I like clothes; I like shoes especially. And it’s not always easy to find what I like.

So I figured I’d share one of my new favorite web sites, I found out about it from social media, and not in an advertisement either. Because I don’t have time to shop, I often depend on web sites like this. I also live in an area where you either have to drive to New York or Philadelphia to find anything decent to wear. Both cities are an hour away, longer with traffic. And by the time I factor in toll money, parking, and gasoline, I usually find that unless I’m getting a spectacular bargain it’s cheaper to order online.

This web site, though it can be pricey, does have some great things. And these are things you don’t see everywhere. I’m fanatical about shoes. In many cases I think shoes define the person. And the Nikey Air Yeezy’s on this site are flawless. You can wear jeans with holes in them and a plain black T-shirt and you can’t look bad.

So check it out. Like I said, I know it can be pricey. But sometimes you can get ideas from web sites like this and find better bargains on other web sites. I think it’s People Magazine that does those comparison features, where they show a celeb wearing something great and very expensive, and then they show something comparable at lower prices. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look good. But you do have to know what it’s all about to look good.