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Addicted to Gay Massage Parlors

Someone wrote in to an advice column about their brother-in-law having an addiction to gay massage parlors. From what I gather, the guy who is addicted to gay massage parlors is married to a woman.

I am writing this question on behalf of my sister, who is facing issues with her husband, who’s cheating on her by being a regular visitor to gay massage parlours. Though they have discussed the issue and he made a promise to my sister that he wouldn’t do it again, he still continues to visit these places without her knowledge. She feels like he is addicted to it and can’t come out of it. What is sad is the fact that barring this habit, he is a gem of a person. Could you please suggest a way of helping him out of this mess?

You can read the reply here.

Frankly, I’m not sure if buy into the whole concept of sexual addiction. I’m posting about this below, with links.

I’m also wondering why this guy is going to a gay massage parlor instead of a straight massage parlor. He’s married to a woman. I think there’s more to this one that can’t be covered in a simple post.

Is Sexual Addiction Real?

When I wrote The Wall Street Shark in my Bad Boy Billionaire series, I mentioned the topic of sexual addiction. I didn’t go into great detail, but I learned a few things while doing the limited research I did do.

Not everyone believes sexual addiction exists.

Does sex addiction really exist? A new study published in last week’s journal of Socioaffective Neuroscience and Psychology suggests that maybe it doesn’t—bad news for celebrities like Tiger Woods and Russell Brand who have made it trendy in recent years to claim a clinical addiction to sex as an explanation for sexual misbehavior.

There are clinical scientific examples given. You can check them out here.

Conviction Overturned For Tyler Clementi’s Roommate

If you recall, Tyler Clementi was the student from Rutgers University in New Jersey who committed suicide after his roommate allegedly used a spy cam on him and caught him kissing another guy. It’s a complicated story and I don’t want to get anything mixed up. You can read more about that here, in depth.

And now something new has surfaced in this case.

Ravi was convicted in 2012 on 15 charges, including counts of bias intimidation, a portion of which the state Supreme Court has since invalidated, ruling that it was “constitutionally vague.”

The three judge panel ruled that his prosecution on these charges “tainted the jury’s verdict on the remaining charges,” determining that he therefore did not receive a fair trial, The New York Times reports. They have ordered a new trial on the charges not related to bias intimidation, such as invasion of privacy and tampering with evidence.

You can check that out here.  It should be interesting to see what happens this time.

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