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He Spanked Her Bottom!!

I’m talking about something that just recently happened in Philadelphia news. The guy I’m talking about may or may not have spanked anyone’s bottom. He may have grabbed them, groped them, or patted them, but he did this without their consent. When Tony sent me this link, I had to wonder how the local news would handle a story like this. I doubt they would have used the word “spanked.”

In Philadelphia, there’s a man running around grabbing the bottoms of unsuspecting women. He runs up behind them from out of nowhere, “grabs” their butts, and then runs away. These women are all walking down the street minding their own business.

The first happened at 4:55 p.m. Police say a woman left the Chinatown Learning Center and was walking in the 1000 block of Spring Street when a man approached her from behind, touched her buttocks, then fled.

You can read more about it with the link I posted above. And there’s video footage of the man who is doing this.

I’m not making light of this at all. The reason why I’m posting about it is because it reminded me of something that I wrote about in my recent novel, “Jonah Sweet of Delancey Street,” which will be released as an indie Amazon e-book for .99 in June. In the book, for the first time in a long time, I get into some light BDSM. And some of that has to do with grabbing, spanking, and even a little punching. In the right context there’s nothing wrong with this. But when taken out of context, any form of physical or psychological assault runs the risk of becoming abuse.

This was the hard part for me…and for the main character in my book, Jonah Sweet. Jonah has fallen in love with a rich, powerful man who likes to control everything and everyone, David Abernathy. David fires people without thinking twice. He always gets what he wants by being as aggressive as he can be. Humiliating people in public is not something he’s afraid to do. He’s also the same way in the bedroom with Jonah. But the problems begin when David has to learn how to control his strong, forceful personality when he’s not in the bedroom. In other words, while Jonah Sweet is willing to tolerate a great deal of dominant behavior in the bedroom, he’s not willing to tolerate it when they aren’t in the bedroom.

When it comes to spanking, grabbing, or any form of assault, the context with which it occurs is the most important factor involved. It’s the same in books as it is in real life. I know if I were walking down the street and a guy groped or spanked me out of nowhere, I’d be chasing HIM down the street. In private, with my consent, it would be a different story. And writing about this with any BDSM theme is important, especially with the one main character who is so controlling all the time. If the context isn’t defined within the relationship it’s not going to work. And it won’t be much different from what the creep in Philadelphia is doing to unsuspecting women right now.