Category: Connecticut’s First Gay Kid Governor; Two Gay High School Athletes Attend Prom Together; Kendle’s Fire by Ryan Field

Connecticut’s First Gay Kid Governor; Two Gay High School Athletes Attend Prom Together; Kendle’s Fire by Ryan Field

Connecticut’s First Gay Kid Governor

Here’s an uplifting story about an 11 year old named Ella Briggs who’s being referred to as Connecticut’s first gay kid Governor. 

I love this story because I see straight people all the time who don’t realize that we know we’re gay as kids. I knew it at 3 years old. Of course like most other gay kids I didn’t understand it, and I knew I couldn’t do anything about it. You just don’t say anything. Thankfully, kids like Ella Briggs are changing all this. 

The exuberant, poised fifth grader was sworn in on Jan. 18, at a ceremony at the Old State House. There were plenty of dignitaries on hand that day to praise her, including the newly-elected, grown-up governor Ned Lamont and U.S. Rep. Jahana Hayes, along with dozens of Ella’s peers.

You can read the rest, here. It talks about some of the obstacles she’s faced, too. Of course many straight people are also still under the misguided impression that it’s all so easy now for gay people. Read the article and you’ll see how untrue that really is.  

Two Gay High School Athletes Attend Prom Together

Here’s another story about two fantastic young guys that’s uplifting for many of us. And that’s because gay people were never allowed to take other gay people to their proms. We either didn’t go at all, or we faked it and took a non-gay person and we pretended to be straight. Thankfully, again, this is changing as well.

The following day, I received a text message from a local photographer who witnessed the exchange. He introduced himself as Eric McKinley and expressed his gratitude about our courage. He explained that he was a part of the LGBTQ+ community and that he wished he would have exhibited the same courage in high school. He offered to take our prom photos for free.

Here’s a link to this one. There are photos, and it’s very nicely written. 

A Novel Examining Masculinity

Amazon Reader Review:

“This is GREAT story!! It’s wonderful in its exploration of sexuality and masculinity. The story is well done and beautifully done. The story flows beautifully and the characters are wonderfully written.”

Kendle's Fire by [Field, Ryan] 

Even though Kendle is an openly gay ex-Marine, he’s been questioning his masculinity all of his life. He’s always been what people expect a man to be, in spite of the fact that he’s never been completely comfortable living up to these expectations.

He also has a few secrets. The kind of secrets a man can only talk about with the most intimate people in his life. One of those people is his best friend and part time lover, Dale. And their relationship is not without a few unusual quirks and ironies either, especially when it comes to the way Kendle explains his relationship with Dale to his own parents. 

After a string of bad career decisions and awkward mistakes, it’s not until Kendle meets a young guy named Walter that his life begins to come together. It’s a journey filled with as much joy as heartbreak, with a few bittersweet twists in between. As Kendle opens himself up to new possibilities, he finds himself in the midst of life altering changes that leave him devastated. And there’s a point where he’s not sure he can get through any of it.