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Confessions From A Gay Sugar Baby; Sleaze Festival In Spain; Are We Losing Queer Spaces To Assimilation?

Confessions From A Gay Sugar Baby

Here’s the tale of a gay sugar baby who claims he was only 16 years old and barely legal when he began his lofty quest in life. If nothing else, this definitely could be a good example of why the movie Call Me By Your Name has been so popular with some people. Apparently, there are those who like it young and barely legal.

Yes, you read that correctly, folks. He’s 18 and he’s been “sugaring” for two years, which means he got started around the same time he got his driver’s license.

“They pay me to just be with them,” Kaeden says. “The look is important. They feel more important when they spend time with a ‘beautiful’ person.”

Here’s the rest. No comment from me.

Sleaze Festival In Spain

I usually post something about this every year. It’s a popular event and still highly significant to gay culture.

Sleazy Madrid is an annual fetish festival of electronic music that’s attended by leather enthusiasts from around the world. Held the first week of May, the celebration is turning 18 this year. In anticipation of the upcoming parties (April 26 – May 2), we’ve rounded up some scandalous photos from previous years.

Here’s the link. There are quite a few photos.

Are We Losing Queer Spaces To Assimilation

Actually, I think it’s more along the lines of losing queer spaces to gentrification instead of assimilation. But I could be wrong about that.

In any event, this article is about San Francisco and the Castro Street Fair. It’s more like a nostalgia piece than a social piece, and very interesting to read.

San Francisco is rapidly changing and after 44 years the fair has changed too. I want it to be fun, successful, and feel fresh again. So this year instead of sitting back and bitching about it I’ve reached out to the CSF Board and offered my assistance.

You can read more, here. There are many comments, and a few heated discussions.

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