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Today is release day for A YOUNG WIDOW’S PROMISE.

You can read more about it here.

Or you can do a search on the blog for A YOUNG WIDOW’S PROMISE and read a pre-release review or an excerpt. I’ve written a lot about this novella while I was in the editing process because there are a few historical facts I found interesting.

It’s not based on a true story. It’s fiction. But the setting is based on a real location that I’ve always found interesting…a Confederate cemetery in New Jersey, on Yankee soil, which you can read more about here.

Felecia Roundtree is thirty-seven years old, she’s already lost her husband in battle, and prays each morning her two young sons live to see another day. With her own two hands, she’s turned the front of her property at remote Locust Point, NJ, into a burial ground for unknown Confederate prisoners of war, hoping someone will return a kind gesture to her own loved ones. Then one morning in August, just after she has a vision of her dead husband, three Confederate prisoners of war turn up at her doorstep begging for mercy. One is near death; the other two aren’t much better. Though she’s reluctant at first to help the enemy, she offers them food and shelter, and then eventually begins the romance of her lifetime with a young old Confederate named Calvin. When she learns a deep dark secret about the other two Confederates, she’s not sure what to think. Felecia has no idea she’s even falling in love. Nor does she realize she’s preserving an important part of American History. But she’s true to her promise every step of the way.