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Gay Teacher Fired: Stolen Sex Tape; Coming Out In College Football; GLAAD Admits Blog Award Error

Gay Teacher Fired: Stolen Sex Tape

I have worked online for a long time. I write erotic romance with strong sex scenes sometimes. I interact with people in the adult entertainment industry on social media. In other words, I see a lot of sexually oriented things on a daily basis. However, I keep this blog rated G. And I can promise you that you will not find a single nude sex tape of me anywhere. You can go through the photos on my phone and I don’t have to worry. I’m not trying to be holier than thou. I only want to keep it professional.

With that said, here’s a story about a school teacher who was allegedly hacked and someone posted a sex video of him online where students could see it. Well, I guess everyone could see it.

“Pretty much immediately after that phone call I went to the bathroom and threw up,” Bray told the Washington Blade. “I was just in shock that oh my God, this is something that will impact my career, impact my life and what am I going to do?”

To make things even worse, whoever hacked him posted anti-gay comments. And, he got fired and this will most likely follow him around for the rest of his life.  

You can read the rest here. I think the main point with this one is that you can’t be too careful, ever, when posting private information anywhere. There are other points to be made, but that’s the main point. Whatever goes online, remains online. Forever.

There are a lot of comments.

A few of the comments surprised me. One in particular said something about if this school teacher had worked for a public school the outcome might have been different. And I just don’t know what universe that guy lives in, because last I heard, when it comes to all schools, teachers making sex tapes is usually frowned upon. 

Coming Out In College Football

We hear so much about coming out in pro sports lately, but not too much about college sports. And clearly, there are closeted gay men there, too.

Here’s a story about a gay college football player who had a brother on the same team…

“My coming out experience taught me that the fear I grew up with about being gay doesn’t need to exist anymore. Yes, there is still discrimination against the LGBT community. Yes, I have lost some friends and family members. But, I believe times are changing, things are getting better. It is our responsibility to not let fear stop us.

“Because of all that I have been through, ridding myself of my own fear, I have become stronger. I have learned to accept myself and build confidence in who I truly am. I came out to my family to love and support. The vast majority of my friends accept me. I am blessed to have them in my life.”

You can check out the rest here.

I think this guy is wonderful.

GLAAD Admits Blog Award Error

I don’t follow things like this too closely because it’s not my focus. However, it’s interesting from a blogger’s POV.

Here’s the statement, verbatim:

It’s become abundantly clear that we were wrong to remove the Outstanding Blog category, and we apologize. Although we cannot make changes to this year’s slate of categories and nominees, the Outstanding Blog category will be reinstated in 2017 with improved selection criteria that ensures grassroots LGBT voices are given the recognition they’re due. And like in years past, there will be no submission fee required in the category.

The contributions of LGBT bloggers and independent media have been critical to the advancement of this movement and, indeed, GLAAD’s mission. Eliminating the Outstanding Blog category was an affront to the tireless efforts of those whose work has been essential to putting a spotlight on the issues LGBT people face, and which too often goes overlooked. Removing the category was wrong, and we are committed to doing better.”

When I worked on staff for I remember a lot of bloggers who loved these award things. I know a lot of them have shuttered their blogs by now, but there are still quite a few LGBT bloggers out there and I don’t think it was wise to ignore them.

You can read this here.

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