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Why Gay "Looking" Was Canceled; Comes Out to Wife While Drunk; Calvin Klein and Same Sex Couples

Why Gay “Looking” Was Canceled

Here’s a piece that talks about why “Looking” may have been canceled. The director is still a little curious about this, and I think rightly so. I’m curious.

Haigh, who served as co-producer and wrote and directed several episodes of the prematurely nixed series, told Attitude magazine’s Ben Kelly that he believes gay audiences pre-judged the show — which starred Jonathan Groff, Frankie J. Alvarez and Murray Bartlett as three out pals navigating love and life in present-day San Francisco — before allowing it to establish its footing. 

“A lot of people seemed to talk about it without actually watching it,” he said in the interview. “So many people said, ‘I didn’t watch your show, I didn’t like it,’ but they’d admit they barely watched the pilot.”

I think that could be true, too. I also think the target audience for a show like Looking wasn’t all gay men. It targeted a specific segment of the gay male community, because gay men are very diverse. And yet I’m not even sure about that. I liked it and I watched. It wasn’t Modern Family. Nothing against Modern Family, but it’s nice to feel represented once in a while even if it didn’t last for long.

There’s more here.  

The comments are worth reading, too. You might see a few names you’ll recognize from the gay romance community.

Comes Out to Wife While Drunk

Here’s a story about a guy who gets drunk, comes out to his wife, and then denies it the next morning. If this doesn’t make you wonder, nothing will.

“The next day, we were having breakfast and he was extremely hungover. I start telling him how drunk he was last night and he just laughs. Then I told him about what he did/said and he looks straight up at me really worried. I must have looked really upset because right after he said ‘everyone says stupid things when they’re drunk, forget about it.’ Then he walked off saying he needs a shower. He’s been a little distant ever since.”

Here’s the link for more. Don’t say I didn’t warn you first 🙂

Calvin Klein and Same Sex Couples

Here’s a link to a piece about Calvin Klein models, with couples touching each other in underwear photo shoots. Klein’s always been excellent about exploiting things like this, but he does it with such an artistic flair it’s never bothered me much. And I like his products. When I do wear underwear, I usually wear his. So there’s that.

Well it appears that pushing the sexual fluidity envelope is a company-wide mandate — CK’s latest underwear campaign is chock full of guy-on-guy, girl-on-guy and guy-on-is-that-a-girl-or-a-guy-we-can’t-tell action.

You can see for yourselves here.  

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