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Anderson Cooper, Larry King, Donald Trump, and the Pronoun, She

This isn’t a rant; just an observation. I copied and pasted the article below for those who hate clicking links. I hate them, so I figured I’d make it easier. But here’s the link in case you want to check it out.

This short post is about Larry King referring to Anderson Cooper at a comedy roast for Donald Trump as she instead of he. Frankly, I don’t care how Larry King refers to Anderson Cooper. I don’t care what Anderson Cooper’s sexuality is. To be completely honest, I would have loved to have seen both Larry King and Anderson Cooper boycott the entire Donald Trump affair simply because Donald Trump is so vehemently opposed to equality for the lgbt community.

And what truly bothers me is the way the mainstream media takes a comment like the one Larry King made about Anderson Cooper and runs with it. While I believe that coming out to the world is a good thing, especially the way Ricky Martin did it. I also believe we all have a right to privacy and this includes Anderson Cooper. And the mainstream media should spend more time worrying about how poorly Donald Trump treats the lgbt community instead of worrying about Anderson Cooper’s sex life.

Hair jokes were in no short supply at last night’s Comedy Central roast of Donald Trump, but the quip that had the audience shocked was when CNN icon Larry King made fun of his former co-worker Anderson Cooper’s sexuality.Pretending he was still hosting his now-defunct talk show, King took calls from viewers throughout the country and then tossed to Anderson, whose ‘360’ followed his ‘Live’ show every night for years.”Anderson Cooper is coming up next. Let’s see what SHE’S up to,” Larry said to the packed house.Anderson, who never talks about his sexuality in public, has been dealing with rumors about his love life ever since he become CNN’s biggest star, but never before has a member of the CNN family poked fun at him in such a public way.Even his good friend Kathy Griffin, who loves to tell tales about celebrities, refused to go there when she recently spoke with Howard Stern when he asked if the silver fox was gay.”Larry meant no harm,” a friend of the newsman tells me. “He was just having a little fun. Larry has huge respect for Anderson and couldn’t care less who he chooses to sleep with.”Let’s hope Anderson is laughing too. The roast airs March 15 on Comedy Central.