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Colton Haynes’ New Web Site; Pride Meme That’s Pissing Off Gay People; Collection of Cuddling Bros Photos; Using The Word "Like" and Judge Judy

Colton Haynes’ New Web Site

Colton Haynes recently launched a new web site where he’s selling articles of clothing and other fashion related items. I even saw phone cases.

Here’s the web address. It’s new and I’m sure they’re still working on it, so there’s not much to quote yet.

I like it. I think it’s sleek, easy to navigate, and there’s even an artistic flair. It doesn’t have a weird name. It’s just Colton Haynes. And from what I can see, it’s for men and women.

I wish he’d start selling e-books, too.  But I do have a feeling he’ll be selling hot sexy underwear eventually. Be interesting to see if that happens, and if I predicted it right.

Pride Meme That’s Pissing Off Gay People

There’s a pride meme that’s been circulating that’s caused a lot of controversy lately within the gay community. I’ll comment below.

The image shows a group of protestors holding signs in what looks like the 80s-ish, with slogans like “Smash gay oppression” and “parents of gays unite in support for our children.” “This is gay pride,” reads the text of the meme, and then juxtaposed with the old protest image is a picture of sexy dancers on a float. “This is bullshit,” the meme continues.

 Ugh, no, stop. You are not the Pride Police, meme, and nobody gets to decide what everyone else’s Pride is. It’s something different for everyone. Some of us want a protest, some of us want sex, some of us want politics, some of us want music. Pride is best when it can be a lot of things to a lot of people and welcome as many people as possible.

The article then goes on to slam the meme, suggesting that the gay community is diverse. And I totally agree with that, and I’ve tried to make that point here on the blog many times. The problem with all this is that we know we are diverse, but no one else does. Whenever we are put in the spotlight, and whenever there’s something gay related that goes mainstream, it’s typically something geared more toward the sexy dancers on the float. I’m only suggesting that maybe we should *show* the world a little more diversity, too.

There’s more here, and plenty of comments to read.

Collection of Cuddling Bros Photos

This is interesting, but I don’t think it’s shocking. At least not within the context of the Internet in general and all the things we see on a daily basis…that we find questionable.

A study out of the UK this week found that 93 percent of straight, male college athletes surveyed had enjoyed a good cuddle with their straight bros more than one time, and a whopping 98 percent admitted to sharing a bed with another man during college.

“They don’t realize this is something that older men would find shocking,” said study co-author Mark McCormack. “It’s older generations that think men cuddling is taboo.”

Of course I would like this a lot more, and I would take it a lot more seriously, if all the photos didn’t look as if they’re totally staged.

You can check them out here.

Using The Word “Like” and Judge Judy

This is a small tidbit of writing advice…about not taking writing (or grammar) advice. 

I like Judge Judy and I usually agree with her rulings, however, she flubbed this one recently on her TV show. And I’m only posting it to show that you can’t take any writing or grammar advice too seriously…from anyone.

Judge Judy had a kid on the stand and he used the word “like” in almost every sentence. She corrected him, told him never, ever to use the word like under any circumstances, to the point where the kid got a little flustered. She said it was a “filler” word, which it is, and never to use it at all.

And in a general sense she was right, but when the kid stepped down from the stand Judge Judy’s first question was about photos. She asked, “Do you have any more like that?”

And I don’t even think she realized she just did the very exact thing she told the kid not to do. To make it even worse, she did it a second time. I don’t know how the people in the courtroom didn’t bust out laughing.

In any event, I just think that’s a good example of how useless most writing and grammar advice is in many cases. I’m not particularly fond of the word “like” myself, but I didn’t ban it from my vocabulary or my books.



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