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Colton Haynes’ Web Site Has New Merchandise; 10 Gay Fan Fiction Romances; Gay Hook Up Site Ads On DC Metro Rail

Colton Haynes’ Web Site Has New Merchandise

I’ve been seeing this all day and since it’s so popular, and the web site sold out so quickly the last time, I thought I’d post about it again.

From my inbox:

 Hey Y’all,

We will be restocking all the products from the first launch as well as new swag tomorrow morning at 10am PST!  There will be limited quantities of each item so don’t miss out.

For those of you that ordered items from the first launch your items should be arriving this week!  International orders are taking a little longer to get out and I really appreciate your patience.

– Colton

Here’s a link to the web site. It’s very simple to navigate. 

I’ve been there and the merchandise is great. And the best thing about Haynes is that he seems to be about as honest and up front as anyone coming out of Hollywood can get. And trust me, I have seen my fair share of Hollywood types who aren’t. I think Haynes is refreshing, and living proof that if you do keep it real you never have to worry about what you put up on social media.

10 Gay Fan Fiction Romances

Even though I’ve never written fan fiction, I have parodied mainstream romances with gay characters and gay story lines…Valley of the Dudes, link below…and I’ve done it for a reason. Gay readers want it, and in many cases they seem to crave it. And it’s not easy to do.

Finding a great queer romance in our favorite films, comic books, and TV shows is usually about as easy as finding diversity at a Republican National Convention.

However, that hasn’t stopped fans from finding ways to help their favorite characters find a little forbidden love. In fact, Shipping – the vocal desire of fans to pair two characters in a romantic relationship through social media campaigns, fan art and fanfiction – has become an integral part of fandom.

You can check out the list of 10 here. 

They do have an audience.  

Gay Hook Up Ads On DC Metro Rail

Evidently, they are trying to take down ads for gay hook up sites on DC Metro Rails.

A campaign to get advertisements for gay hookup site removed from Washington, D.C. metro stations by conservatives and concerned parents is so far coming up empty.

An online petition calling for their removal has garnered over 1,500 signatures at time of writing.

You can check that out here.  

Ads like this have been creating issues in other places, too.

Valley of the Dudes

Exploring the gay open relationship in…