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Colton Haynes’s Struggles In OUT Magazine; Michael Sam’s Nightclub Incident; Larry Kramer Is Ranting, Again

Colton Haynes’s Struggles In OUT Magazine

I’m sure most people know that Colton Haynes came out as gay recently, and as it is for all of us, it’s been an emotional experience for him. The fact that Haynes has such a public profile allows him to speak about what a lot of us feel. I get letters all the time from gay readers in the closet who don’t speak to anyone about themselves…ever. And even though we can’t identify with Haynes’s own personal struggle, we can understand it on many different levels.

Haynes recently made the cover of Out Magazine, where he also made some candid comments.

But the story isn’t all celebrity in-fighting and gay-on-gay shade. It gets kind of dark. Haynes claims that a former manager dropped him for being gay and suggested prostitution as a viable career alternative. He opens up about the trauma of high school bullying after he came out to a classmate at 14, which led to a troubled adolescence of drug experimentation and running away from home.

It gets a little harder, too. You can check this out here.  

Michael Sam’s Nightclub Incident

I’m on the proverbial fence with this one. It doesn’t sound as if Michael Sam did anything wrong. It sounds more like speculation, or a non-incident that could have been ignored completely.

Michael was hanging out with some friends, apparently, but when they left he started yelling with another guy. “People like f***ing you give our community a bad f***ing name,” he yelled. Oof. What could this guy possibly have done? Does anyone know? Can anyone make an educated guess? There are plenty of things a person could do to give a community a bad name, up to and including starting a fight with a professional football player at a place called “Bootsy Bellows.”

You can read the rest here…to see what you think. And, there are comments.

Larry Kramer Is Ranting, Again

I love Larry Kramer for what he’s done…for all that he’s done. I love The Normal Heart. But he does tend to rant from time to time. That’s just an objective observation, not a judgment. This time he’s going after Steven Roth, a billionaire who’s supporting Donald Trump.

“I don’t know why but I was incredibly shocked and disappointed when it was announced that you had become one of Donald Trump’s billionaire brain trust,” writes Kramer. “I could not believe that you could support a candidate, a vice-president, and a party that threatens many of the things that you hold most dear.”

Here’s the rest. 

Last time Kramer went on a rant he went after Barbra Streisand. I not joking. I posted about that here in 2014.

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