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Best Female Full Frontal Nude Scenes; Colton Haynes In Dress and Wig Is Not Something New; Praising Small Gay Bars

Best Female Nude Full Frontal Nude Scenes

In order to remain at least partially balanced, I figured I should post something about female full frontal nudity in films. I’ve been remiss in that department and a few people have e-mailed me about it. I don’t do it in purpose. I just try to post things I think readers will be interested in. I have nothing against full frontal female nudity.

So here’s something from a web site I found earlier this week:

Nudity is used for many reasons in mainstream movies, and the 10 best full frontal female nudity in movies is a list that consists of everything from controversy to erotic scenes. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood have bared it all at one point in their career. Being on the list of ten best full frontal female nudity in movies has helped some careers, and hurt others.

It’s a good web site and it seems to be totally SFW. It’s interesting the way they say it “hurt” some careers. Is that another double standard for men and women? I’m not sure.

Colton Haynes in Dress and Wig Is Not Something New
Here’s an interesting gender bending photo shoot with Colton Haynes and Emily Bett Rickards for Vanity Fair. It’s nothing totally new, but it’s actually amusing, and I made a few comments below.

“It was when we were talking about shooting Colton in the vintage women’s suit that the idea to shoot Colton and Emily in each other’s outfits came up,” said photographer Tyler Shields. “I think it speaks a lot to the time we are in right now as androgyny is a two-way street.”

“If a person like Colton was to do something like this in the ’50s it would have been a huge faux pas,” he added.

In the 1950’s there was a film titled, Some Like It Hot, where men wore women’s clothing and it wasn’t a faux pas. It was camp. I think the most interesting thing about this is that it’s always such a big thing when a man wears feminine clothing but not so much when women wear men’s clothing. If you notice, the focus is all rested on Colton Haynes in this one.

In any event, you can check it out here. It’s not new, but it’s campy and it does bring up a few questions.

Praising Small Gay Bars

I’ve always been a fan of small gay bars. I love them in Provincetown especially.

They’ve been a vital part of our culture since way before Stonewall, and despite the onslaught of digital connectivity, somehow the world’s tiny bars survive and even thrive, such as Portland’s, Sloan’s Tavern (above), featured in Travel Portland’s guide to gay life in the city.

The adorable Travel Portland Zine, Tiny Bars, reminds us our appreciation of unique social spaces. Usually catering to a loyal group of regulars, these mini bastions of community can be in remote hamlets (where the clientele’s often a mixed bag of LGBT locals) or huge cities (where they tend to serve niche queer types).

I often think bar owners and those who are always looking to make these huge gay mega bars are underestimating how much we love smaller gay bars. It’s when the smaller gay bars here in New Hope turned into these new and improved virtual “resorts” they lost most of the local customers, and ultimately failed. I miss the small gay bars. We don’t have any around here anymore.