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Tom Cruise’s Penis; Bruce Willis’ Penis; Colton Haynes’ Heartfelt Message

Tom Cruise’s Penis

I saw this topic in a few places, but didn’t totally trust the sources. So I’m linking to eonline because I always thought they were reputable. It’s about Tom Cruise, his penis, and what appears to be his testicles.

A naked shroud of the Mission: Impossible star was recently unveiled to celebrate his 25th anniversary with the Church of Scientology. Artist Daniel Edwards assisted Cory Allen Contemporary Art in St. Petersburg, Fla. to create the unusual likeness of the movie star for a “pop-up Church of Scientology” near the religion’s headquarters in Clearwater.

One particular feature on Cruise’s nude shroud is turning heads: can you guess which body part we’re talking about?!

I like Tom Cruise, but don’t know anything about shrouds or Tom Cruise, so you can check the rest out here.

I’m not sure if Cruise ever did any full frontal nudity worthy of mention.

Bruce Willis’ Penis

Here’s a link to a story about how  how 7 big-time actors accidentally wound up in nude scenes, one of which was Bruce Willis. As a side note, I actually grew up in the same small New Jersey Town where Willis grew up. He’s much older than I am, but I do remember him when I was a kid. He dated one of my neighbors.

 Yes, that is Bruce Willy’s willy. And this is another example of the pause feature giving us a glimpse at the goods. In the theater, this would have been 100% undetectable. However, technology gets it done for anybody who wanted to see a young nude Bruce.

Here’s the rest, no pun intended. Tom Cruise is also in this one, but it’s not really serious full frontal.  If you blink you miss it.

Colton Haynes Heartfelt Message

I think the entire concept of the heartfelt message is about as interesting as anything that was ever dubbed “epic,” however, a lot of people disagree with me and who am I to judge. And the gay presses just love this dude.

It appears that Colton Haynes is either expecting a visitor soon based on a photo the 27-year-old actor posted to his Instagram account that shows him cradling his baby bump. Haynes posted the revealing pic as a way of acknowledging he’s garnered four million followers on the social media app, along with a note to fans that could be considered a follow-up to his message from January in which he questioned whether he’d been trying to keep his gay life secret.

You can read the rest of this here. It’s very enlightening, especially the part where he tells us to “be weird.” The Pope’s got nothing on this dude when it comes to heartfelt.

And please don’t get me wrong. I love these things. I really do, especially when these heartfelt actors don’t even know the difference between their and they’re. There is something adorable about a clueless selfie and bad grammar that makes them even cuter.

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