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Pierre Fitch On Facebook; Colton Haynes Is On Grinder; What’s Too Much Ass?

Pierre Fitch On Facebook

I don’t know how it happened, but I wound up following Pierre Fitch on Facebook and it’s been a real education watching some of the responses to his posts and updates.

But first, this is who Pierre Fitch is:

Pierre Fitch (born November 1, 1981) is a Canadian gay pornography actor, formerly exclusive to Falcon Studios. He is also an entrepreneur, who now works for himself as an actor and producer of video productions. He is currently performing as a DJ, presenting his own mixes through a number of night clubs in Canada, The United States and Latin America.

Fitch was nominated for the 2006 Best Actor GayVN Award and, with Tom Judson (credited as Gus Mattox), for Best Sex Scene (Duo).[2] He did not win either award, being beaten twice by Johnny Hazzard.[3] Fitch has tattoos all over his body including his neck, chest, stomach, arms and legs. Fitch is considered “versatile,” though more often than not he is seen as the “bottom” (receiver) in scenes featuring anal intercourse. Fitch started off in the industry as a “twink” (younger looking boy), but has now fully grown into a more jock look.

You can check that out here at Wiki. I figure that’s the safest place to link on Google Blogger.

The thing that really surprised me is that Fitch posts status updates on Facebook all the time and  I have never once seen anything with full frontal nudity, or anything that I would consider offensive. He’s always polite and responsive to his fans. He sometimes posts questions that lead to discussions about sex, in one way or another. But even then it’s never anything I would consider offensive and it’s always something funny.

And yet every single time I see a status update there is a straight woman going after him for the most ridiculous things. It’s almost always exclusively a straight woman, and it looks as if she’s going after him for pure sport. I just can’t figure out what’s up with that. There are plenty of buttons on Facebook to hide or even block updates from people you don’t want to see. All you have to do is click them. You don’t have to offer your opinion, that opinion no one cares about.

Colton Haynes Is On Grinder

Here’s a promo piece…and they are always promo pieces…about Colton Haynes gay baiting again. This time it appears Haynes might be on Grindr, but it’s not exactly true. He’s going to be on Grinder, a TV show on old time cable, not the gay hook up site, Grindr.

The 27-year-old Teen Wolf actor and his pierced nipple just booked a guest spot on the hit new show. He will playing Rob Lowe’s hot son on the episode scheduled to air February 2.

You can read more here, where there’s a photo of him with Rob Lowe. The comments with this one are amusing, and what you might expect.

I always find it interesting that people will judge and condemn someone like Pierre Fitch because he’s working in adult entertainment. He’s not lying about anything; he’s not a straight guy who is gay baiting…as far as I know. He’s putting himself out there, so to speak, and he’s taking all the hits for it. But everyone just loves cute little Colton Haynes and he’s really just blowing smoke up their butts and laughing all the way to his bank. It’s just interesting, is all. 

What’s Too Much Ass?

This is totally SFW and it’s funny. It’s not going to solve any huge problems in the world, however it might take you away from all those offensive, opinionated author status updates on Facebook about politics.

In any event, this will, I hope, make you smile. And it’s worth watching.

Well this should perk you right up.

In an unprecedented (by our estimation) move, a Tumblr page devoted to the junk that resides in trunks has produced a video preview of the currency with which it deals.

You can check it out here. I think everyone wonders about his/her butt sometimes. It might not be as important to straight men, but they even care about their butts looking good, too.

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