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"Muffinhead;" Masculine Men; Gay College Student Fights Back


They’ve been doing a series of pieces called, After Dark, related to gay voices and New York City nightlife over at HuffPo and this one is about a performer named “Muffinhead.”

This is from the interview:

What kind of work do you tend to produce? Where do you find inspiration for your looks?

 It’s all a bit abnormal. Much like taking a piece of taffy and stretching it as far and in the most absurd, unexpected directions possible… that’s my aesthetic.

Personally, I’m inspired by everything I see: a design on a packet of sugar, ornamental ironwork, people on the subway… I get a big Leigh Bowery reference poked at me by a lot of people, which is okay with me but I actually hadn’t even heard of Leigh when I was in L.A. — I did not have the New York/London Club Kid lexicon to influence me at all. My design influences go straight to Dali, Gustav Klimt and Aubrey Beardsley. My KaPOW! look actually came about because I was terribly depressed. My life had exploded and I was going through a divorce so I guess you could say, much like any artist, my toolbox consists simply of thoughts and feelings.

You can read more about “Muffinhead” here, where there are photos.

It looks interesting. I’ve been in NY a lot this spring. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been for pleasure.

Masculine Men

Some wing nut named Peter LaBarbera claims real masculine men don’t have sex with other men…gay sex to be exact.

As Right Wing Watch first reported, Ortiz claimed that widespread acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights (LGBT) represented “the death of the American male” because “you cannot be a masculine nation and support homosexuality.”
LaBarbera, who is no stranger to anti-LGBT remarks, then suggested Chicago’s International Mr. Leather event was an example of “faux masculinity” and “a homosexual version of masculinity,” before concluding: “Masculine men do not have sex with other men.”

There’s a photo of him. I think the real issue is NO ONE would ever want to have sex with HIM.

He’s also highly misinformed about most men in the gay community. The fact is that most fall in between the macho leather guy and the more effeminate men. In other words, they’re appear to be just like most straight men on the outside.

You can read more here. I’m posting on something I read related to this topic when I have more time.

Gay College Student Fights Back

This is something I would love to say to a few of the closeted men who e-mail me with stories about why they can’t come out. I don’t do that because it could be dangerous. I never take things like that lightly and I only listen and react without judgment. But sometimes I would just like to tell these guys to tell their counselors, ministers, or whoever the anti-gay influence in their lives is to “Shove It.”

And that’s what happened with this college student. He was really confused and he sought help from a counselor. It turned out like it usually does in so many cases like this.

The counselor started making anti-gay comments and quasi deductions about why people are gay and the college student did the right thing this time.

I was very angry, and I started yelling at him, and I told him that there was nothing wrong with gay people, and they weren’t sick, and they weren’t gay because they came out of abusive families or situations, and they weren’t abusers. And I grabbed my coat and ran out of the office, and over the course of the next couple of weeks, I started to summon the courage to tell my friends and my family.

There’s more here, with a video about how the guy’s Italian mother reacted to the news.